Coles Supermarkets / opus sim card - ref c101936810

It took four weeks - all but a day - to solve the problem - and until a lady named Sarah responded to my compliant nothing seemed to be happening. I just want to commend Sarah for the efficient and professional way she dealt with both me and the problem. She had answered my [protected] call - and instead of doing what the others had done - tell me it wold be dealt with - Sarah offered to put me through to the Telco who would explain the problem. From that time Optus - who had said it was not their problem - apologized that it was their problem and had it corrected within a very short time - and I once again after nearly 4 weeks had my mobile back on line.
I later received a Coles Gift Card as a gesture of goodwill - so I want to thank you for your thought. But I hope you will look after Sarah - you have a great employee in her.
Jim Edson

May 28, 2018

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