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I placed order #[protected] for $152.26 on Wednesday 31/7/2018 for delivery to Redbank QLD between 4 - 5pm. I also applied Promo Code "GET10" giving me a $10 discount and as it was my first online order delivery would be free.

I left work early to ensure that I was home in time for delivery. Received sms at 4:26pm 31/7 advising that order would be arriving in approximately 30 minutes.

I waited and I waited and I waited… :-( I received a phone call from 03 [protected] at 6:18pm and Georgia left a message advising that there had been a problem with the order (internet related?). Why did it take so long to tell me that there was an issue? I had been sitting around since 4pm… :-( I had other commitments that evening which I had to cancel due to the delay and poor communication around the Coles delivery.

I rang [protected] twice at 6:24pm and 6:29pm. Both times the automated system didn't recognize the order number so the second time I waited until I could speak to someone. Once I got through I was advised that there been a truck breakdown which prevented my order from being delivered. This was not what I was originally told. I understand things happen that are out of our control however I should have been advised of an issue much earlier!

Anyway I was given 2 options…
1. Collect the order myself from Ripley which is roughly 20kms away from Redbank. Without a car this is obviously somewhat difficult.
2. Have the order delivered the next day between 2 - 5pm.

There was a long discussion as I couldn't understand why the order couldn't be put through for the same delivery time as the original order (ie 4 - 5pm). I did not receive a satisfactory explanation as to why this was not possible and also explained that I would need to take time off work to make sure that I was home for the delivery. Having such a large delivery window made this very difficult… :-(

I was told that there was nothing she could do but she would speak to her manager. After several minutes she came back and told me once again that there was nothing she could do and it would have to 2 - 5pm or not at all. Not happy Coles!!

I was already angry about the way I had been treated and this just made it worse. I have worked in Information Technology for over 30 years and cloning an order is basic stuff and I still can't understand why everything including the delivery time couldn't be copied into a new order. For a business as big as Coles I am very surprised that such a simple thing can't be done. Extremely poor software and poor customer service!!

Anyway I gave in and agreed for the delivery to be sent between 2 - 5pm the next day even though I was not happy and would have to take time off work. What choice did I have?... :-( I was also told that my credit card had NOT been charged as the original order wasn't delivered.

Later I received emails to advise that new order #[protected] had been created and the original order #[protected] had been cancelled.
Next day Wednesday 1/8 I receive an email early in the morning stating that the order will now be delivered somewhere between 2:50pm and 3:50pm. I didn't see this email until later in the day and had already organised to work from home rather than risk not being here.

At 1:15pm 1/8 I received an email stating that one of the items ($14) I ordered was unavailable and wouldn't be delivered. As the order as finalised I had no way of substituting anything in its place. The funny thing was that this item was available in the original order and would have been delivered the day before but now was unavailable :-(

Received sms at 3:17pm 1/8 advising that order would be arriving in approximately 30 minutes. Once again I waited and I waited and I waited… :-( By 5:09pm I had given up, thinking that it was happening again, so I rang [protected] to try and find out what was happening but once again the automated system wouldn't accept the new order number. Great quality control Coles! So I wait…

Finally after another 10 minutes the truck finally arrives. I met the driver as he didn't come over at first. He advises me that there is a problem with the credit card payment. This is news to me!

He rings customer service and they advise that apparently I WAS charged for the original order. They have since raised a refund and now I need to pay for the new order. What a mess and what terrible communication!

I reconfirm the order details (before paying) and notice that the $10 Promo wasn't applied and the delivery has been charged as it is no longer considered to be the first order… :-(

So the original order was for $152.26 less $10 Promo Code, less the $14 for the item which was not available to be delivered comes to the new invoice amount of $128.26. However I was being asked to pay $148.26 which of course was unacceptable.

Customer Service discussed with the manager and offered a $25 rebate which reduced the invoice amount to $123.26 which resulted in an actual overall reduction of $5 in total for all my inconvenience. Woohoo!! So for all the inconvenience, hours of waiting, cancelling plans etc. I received $5 compensation!! Are you serious??!!

I had to leave work early on 31/7 and sat around for over 2 hours wasting my time. The next day I had to work from home and waited from 2pm until 5:20pm for a delivery for which I was overcharged. Let alone the lack of communication and incorrect communication from your customer service team…twice!
Worst experience ever Coles!!

PS… The truck driver is to be congratulated for his handling of the situation. Everyone else gets a thumbs down! :-(

Aug 02, 2018

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