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Coles marketing department have obviously adopted the concept of profit being their main objective in doing so they have lost sight of the most important factor in the marketing mix that being the CONSUMER. I spend what I believe is a substantial amount of money in Coles supermarkets ( shop of preference being Coles in Dog swamp Perth WA ) I have tolerated the fact that slowly but surely products that I have been using for many years are being erroded from the shelves in preference for cheaper generic brands which at most do not stand up to the quality expected. The stock levels are lower than they have ever been, when one goes into the store on a wednesday morning and you cant get a cooked chicken, hardly any eggs on the shelf, told at the meat counter that they don't stock racks of lamb anymore ( Coles Dianella ) can only get one type of mortadella numerous other products no longer on the shelves etc etc etc there is obviously no longer any consideration for the consumers needs. I am now seriously considering doing my shopping in one of your competitors stores i would like to add that i am most certainly not alone in my thinking. Whoever the marketing genius may be that has instituted this philosophy needs to have a real good look at the policy or you are going lose a substantial amount of consumers, me included who has been a very loyal consumer. "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time" VERY DISGRUNTLED.

Mar 07, 2017
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  • Va
      Mar 07, 2017

    Noel I totally agree just about to write a very similar comment about our favourite products disappearing. We are being treated like sheep and herded into buying Coles brands only. I'll make my own choice of product thanks I don't need Coles dictating to me. I'm off to the competitor which still has variety.

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