Coles Supermarketsfooty frankfurts 750gms

Purchased 5th feb 2017 with use by 9th march 2017. Cooked when got home 3 frankfurts for lunch for hot dogs and mentioned to husband they smell a bit. Assurance given that they ok so we ate. I ate half of a hotdog and mentioned again i was concerned they are off and gave rest to my dog. My husband finished his two. Within an hour my husband started getting stomach cramps, sweating on forehead and then resulted in vomiting several times. I myself felt quite unwell in the stomach. Classic results of food poisoning. I opened the fridge and immediatly smelt off produce. I hadnt covered the frankfurts as was intending to cook for daughter when she arrived home. Fortunatly i didnt. I checked the franfurts and the odour was coming from them and as per photo i then noticed a creamy type of residue on them. The next morning i returned to store. After waiting approx ten minutes i finally got served at the front counter and received my money back. The coles lady said oh they do smell. I suggested she get someone to check other stock as imagine a child or elderly person eating them. She mentinod she would but as i left she just continued to serve customers without calling anyone to go check???? A bit of a worry????. I akso asked how i make a complaint and she wasnt sure so she asked her nearby collegue - she didnt know either. She asked would i like the Manger and i said dont worry as i was already there waiting long enough. Anyway all this resulted in my husband being off sick today and as he is self employeed loss of money. He has contined to have cramping and only kept down water all day. Like i mentioned thank heavens a vunerable age group wasnt and hopefully wont be affected. I thought all goods were temperature tested when received how could this occur? Attached a photo.

Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets

Feb 06, 2017

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