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North Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

Purchased a SIM card today from North Parramatta Coles for convenience, only to find when I get home (1.5 hours away) that I am UNABLE to activate my SIM because they had not scanned it correctly at the store when I purchased it!

I phoned the store, and was told that I had to come back into the store in order for them to rectify THEIR mistake.

Unacceptable. They then said that if I wanted to fix THEIR mistake over the phone, that I would have to pay for it again! I was EXTREMELY reluctant to do this, however finally relented. I gave them all the barcode details & my payment details etc. And they couldn't even do that! They were unable to process that (my second payment). No explanation why, and not even an apology from this incompetent bunch! I was again told that i had to come back in to the North Parramatta Store.

The uncooperative 'not-my-problem" staff member I spoke to at the North Parramatta Coles was Rose Kim (7.15pm 23/06/17), she "could not remember" and was unable to find her employee number.

I live in Wentworth Falls and work in Parramatta, 1.5 hours away from the North Parramatta Coles.

The level of incompetence, and non existant customer service at North Parramatta Coles truly is incomprehensible!

My receipt number: 2974
Served By: Jay

This matter must be escalated. I am furious at my personal treatment by Coles staff, and the extreme inconvenience caused by Coles staff incompetence.

Jun 23, 2017
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  •   Jun 23, 2017

    What do you mean they had not scanned it correctly? Did you get a receipt with an activation code on it? There is literally almost no way you can mess this up. Calling someone incompetent when they can't help you makes you look ignorant.

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