Coles Supermarketscoles wafer thin original crackers

I bought some wafer thin original crackers from my Coles supermarket to go with some nice cheese. After eating a few that evening I was looking at the ingredients out of curiosity comparing them to some other original crackers I had been eating. I was shocked to see that the Coles wafer thin original crackers had cheese powder in it which contained rennet (from beef). I am a strict vegetarian (and have been for many years) and go out of my way to buy/eat products that do not contain any animal products. I always check the ingredients label as I am aware that animal rennet is often found in cheese products. I didn't think I needed to check the label for the wafer thin original crackers as they were original which I understood to mean not cheese flavoured. I have not come across any other original crackers which contained cheese powder so did not expect to find cheese powder in them, therefore not expecting animal rennet either. Cheese powder is the second ingredient on the list and with such a large part of the cracker containing cheese powder I would have assumed the cracker would be called cheese crackers, not original (or have cheese mentioned somewhere on the description at least)
Like I said I go out of my way to make sure I don't buy/eat animal products and was very angry and upset when I realised I had unknowingly been eating animal rennet. I really didn't like the feeling of having eaten it and psychologically it has left me quite unsettled. Obviously I won't be buying these again and will be even more diligent when it comes to checking ingredients but I do feel I was misled by the description of the cracker. I believe it is not a correct representation of the product seeing as cheese powder is the second biggest ingredient in it.

Mar 30, 2016

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