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Ocean Shores, New South Wales, AU

I have lived in Ocean Shores and I am sick of the continual under staffing at peak periods .Saturday 11/3/2017 .There is 4 vacant checkout stations, 10 full automated checkouts with an enormous line to use them, one person on the 12 item/cigarette counter and one manned checkout while the center is packed to the brim.This is even worse when holidays occur.
While you and your monopoly return less and less to the local community by not selling local produce and employing less staff.I have had enough and intend on starting a social media campaign, employing mass media unions and politicians to get you to start showing the necessary respect for your duty of care regarding the over work and stress levels of your employees and the public in the area I live .Perhaps it, s time the unions did their job or perhaps a legal firm might start a class action which will hopefully mandate a minimum staffing level at all times regardless of customer levels given your only focus seems to be profits .
You are welcome to disregard what I am telling you until engage the media .Byron Shire residents will rally to the cause of the minimal staff stress which is apparent to customers but not your management.

Mar 10, 2017

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