Coles Supermarkets / care centre

Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Since December I have been trying to have a problem solved with Cleo's Carecentre I had to send about 15 emails so far and it is s till not sorted They should not be called Care they don't give a ...
and when finely I got after 2 1/2 month a partial answer and still no solution Stefanie Vrailas Customer Care Senior Manager | Customer Insights – Marketing her solution is to insult me by offering an ridiculous answer ! here is my answer
First Thank you for your " and as a gesture of goodwill we have credited your account with 500 flybuys points."
This is INSULTING Correct me if I am wrong but 2000 points are 10 $ so you generous offer of goodwill is 2.50 $ ? Please reverser this transaction immediately
Today again a chased an answer !

Mar 12, 2017

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