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Store Manager: Dale Davidson
Receipt: 4154
Store: 7735 - CS DONCASTER

During this event I was so angry and embarrassed about the events that till this moment over 10 hours later - I still want this employee fired for the rudeness and unrightful treatment of customers and illogical behaviour. Here is a account of the event which occurred,

On the 29/11/2016 at around 11:31, I was shopping at Westfield Doncaster Colse. That day I had brought a lot of stuff at colse and from other shops.

I had came to Colse 3 days earlier that day and already put my stuff in on the car.

The 4th time i walked into Colse to buy items, I used the self checkout like previously however this time i accidentally forgot to take the receipt.

As i was walking out carrying loads of stuff, an white ( not to be racist or anything) young short ( under 160) female employee stopped me and exclaimed loudly that " You didn't pay" - not "if i can please see your receipt" just " You didn't pay" . Not only was that rude but it made me look like a was caught stealing - even it that wasn't the case.

So i tried to find the receipt - using my already full hands but u couldn't find the right one ( i had taken out the previous receipts of my past purchases), so i was getting scared as I had no idea of where my receipt was, and trust me, with my limited English expression skills - i was pretty scared and found it pretty hard to express what i meant so it seemed like i was stuttering because i was scared and did the wrong thing to the audience.

Then i offered her to check my credit card transactions as i had used my credit card or the camera and it could prove that i had in fact paid for the goods.

She replied with "No"

So then, i didn't know what to do as i was very nervous and scared to be caught up in the whole scenario - just because i didn't get my receipt.

I asked" But how can i prove that i payed for my goods"

She merely said " If you can't show me that receipt then you didn't pay"

At that stage the majority of people were staring at me. It has terrifying and embarrassing.

So i just saw that the people who were using my station which i had previously saw leave and there was a paper on the floor. I picked it up and it turned out to be my receipt.

The employee just muttered " Sorry" in a very sarcastic tone and just walked away.

I'm sorry, but i hadn't realised that this was the way colse employee are trained to behave. To so casually and forcefully proclaim that a customer had been shoplifting with no proof and state that there is no way to prove it without the receipt.

I really want something to be done with it as that employee is bringing down the customer service for colse and is the reason colse is getting a bad name around the area for bad customer service.

Nov 29, 2016

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