Coles Supermarketsban the bag

Please continue to ban single use bags.
We should not have to walk as the slowest members of our society.
I respect the fact your company has handed out free bags as I realise that these bags also cost you money. You have done your part to make the transition easier.
So now -Keep it up!- follow it through!
Don't let the lazy and unintelligent bully you into back tracking.
Take it further and start reducing plastics on your shelves and unnecessary use with fresh produce.
The planet and our children are depending on us.
We must continue to set examples to our children and to those slower members of society.

Stupid is what stupid does.

Don't be stupid!

Be smart and continue the ban on single use bags.

Yours sincerely
Chontelle Sewell

Coles Supermarkets

Aug 01, 2018

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