Coles Supermarkets / bakery

Bundaberg Kensington, AU
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The new coles supermarket kensington at bundaberg is a very good store and we support it regularly.
The new bakery is a popular section but there is a serious problem there with product provided. There is an imbalance of wholemeal vienna loaves.
This is a very popular loaf but the daily supply is only 5 loaves at any one time and sold out before 10a. M. Daily. Far too many white loaves are baked and far too few wholemeal loaves.
Can you please arrange for twice as many wholemeal vienna to be baked for the customers and thereby satisfy the actual demand.
All the staff say is that that is all we are provided with one would think they would have the initiative to report the actual need.

Nov 14, 2017

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