Coles Supermarkets / bakery


I shop at several Coles stores in Melbourne, south Morang, Epping north, craigeburn, Epping, and at times Resovoir
It doesn't matter when I go, the bread products are appalling .
Why should I be expected to pay full price for something that looks like no attempt was made to perfect that product.
Rolls in diff sizes, some dry, some doughy, some too white or at times even burnt
Also applies to other baked goods
I don't understand how a business that uses machines to do the work for them can't achieve near perfection
Like others I prefer to shop in one place so yes I will buy these things but it would be nice if customer satisfaction was at the top of Coles priorities.
Employ people who know what they're doing and get some standards otherwise act as a seller who deals in not quite right products and discount them

Sep 23, 2017

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