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Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia
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I have shopped at coles, pacific fair for the last 13 years, only because it was the closest supermarket in my area.In that time I have been publicly shamed by not only your staff members, but also the store manager.

1. I purchased some loose mussels from the deli section which I assumed were $13 per kilo, a fair price at the time. When I went through the checkout, they tried to charge me $13 per mussel which added up up to around $120. I asked for the supervisor who said that it was the price and there was no mistake. I asked for the manager who also agreed that they should be priced at $13 per mussel. I asked both of them of the last time that they purchased this seafood themselves to which they said never. I left them there disgusted at the way they treated me. The next day I checked the deli and the mussels had been put in a tray of approximately 1 kg and marked $13.00 each!!!

2. My next encounter was at the self service checkout where I was very loudly accused of cheating because I selected a turnip instead of a swede. Technically they are the same vegetable and by the way were both the same price!!

3. I returned to the store because I do prefer a certain type of bread that is only available in that store. I stood at the bakery at 5:30 on a thursday afternoon waiting for someone to slice it for me as there were no pre-sliced loaves. After 10 minutes of waiting I asked at the deli counter, where they sent over the butcher to slice the bread. He said rudely that the machine was set to thick slice and if I wanted anything different... Bad luck!!!

4. The next day I returned for a loaf of sliced bread and decided to get some ham at the deli. There was an elderly nona who was asking the assistant to slice some ham thicker as she did not like it shaved. She proceed to slice some ham on the shaved setting and when this nona said 'no I want it thicker' the attendant shouted at her 'i can't hear you' and walked off shouting profanities. When it was my turn, I asked for 200gm not 250gm. I am on a budget and am getting really tired of your staff over measuring my purchase. When I said that I only wanted 200gm, they angrily put on a glove and throw some excess back into the bay.

I am so sick and tired of this service. I am over 60, worked all my life whilst raising a family on my own and found myself unemployed at the age of 52. Since then I encounter such rudeness every day in customer service and I wonder how on earth they manage to keep their jobs. I think that it's time that you make your managers more accountable to complaints such as this and not brush them under the carpet as your company has done each time I i have raised these issues in the past.

Jan 12, 2017

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