Coles Supermarkets / availability of coles brand "light vanilla ice-cream"

Claremont, Western Australia, Australia

I have been a Coles shopper and flybuys customer [protected]) for many years and I live in Claremont, Western Australia.

Several months ago (Oct?Nov 2016) Coles Claremont W.A. underwent a layout change which impedes customer flow throughout the store and forces customers to walk full length isles to access the next row.

Isles become more easily clogged with shoppers unable to pass or take a turn into alternative areas at the half way space which previously intersected all isles.

I understand after inquiring that this was to create more storage space but it has made the store quite unfriendly to shoppers forcing them to traverse more distance to locate items. Obviously customer friendly layout is not important but additional selling space takes precedence.

I am amazed, as you have simply turned the store into a "Woolworths" clone and added to congestion in the store.

That is my first complaint.

Secondly, I have now requested 3 times (beginning Nov 2016) to have the Coles Brand Vanilla Light Ice-cream reinstated in the Claremont Store as it disappeared when the store was reconfigured.

In spite or re-assurances this would happen the store has still not re-stocked this item.

I now have to drive 5 KMS to Coles Floreat to buy this one item!!!

Please arrange for the store to re-stock the item asap as this is my preferred product and I am trying to stay loyal to the Coles Brand.

With such an unfriendly layout at Claremont and by ignoring customer requests Woolworths is beginning to look good!

Kevin Maitland

Jan 16, 2017

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