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Coles Super Market - Wa, West Leederville / very poor customer service

1 West leedervillePerth, Western Australia, Australia Review updated:

I have been living West Leederville area (WA) before Coles established here and I am getting poorest customer service from my local Coles supermarket (most times), which has been marked or pointed-out by few other local customers.

West Leederville Coles is not so busy like other stores but checkout workers (few specific) behaviour are really disappointing. I go for shopping there and most times walk-back home with an unsatisfied feeling and decide not to visit there anymore. However, today I become bound to write this online complain.

I am talking about them, from whom I got bad service and their lacking are as follows:
1. No greeting (hi or smile or Gday)
2. Serving people looking different way or behind
3. All checkout process done without any eye contact
4. Not returning fly buy card to customers hand, leave them on desk at their side
5. Poorly handle money ( taken and return)
6. Rude attitude ( looks like they are unhappy to serve customers)
7. Not providing dockets
8. Through shopping baskets with a big sound
9. Push customers even at their quietest time ( not even 10 to 20 second for inserting money at pocket or wallet, so that our hands become free for carrying bags

I like to say, I do not get service from any other stores and if I continuously get the same service from Coles (west Leederville) then I have to visit other stores as Woolworths, Farmer jacks and IGA are within my range to go. If it happened from any single checkout person then I would inform to Coles authority but its happening from a quite few people and I don’t like to mention their name as it is open to every web surfers. However, if “pushing customers” is your (Coles) customer service policy then the definition of customer service should be change.

Last of all I would say, Wish you (Coles) all the best cause you helping us to provide goods, employment and keeping our economy running.

A customer and a well wisher

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  • Wi
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    I completely agree with this complain. I also face this problem.

  • Wi
      20th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am very thankful for sharing such experience with you guys. I agree with your complain.

  • As
      21st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    other issues are here

  • We
      12th of Jun, 2011
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    I totally agree!!!

  • Si
      12th of Jul, 2011
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    i completely disagree with this letter. i have never had this issue in the west leederville store. i have found the staff in that store nothing but helpful. i believe its acutally the moajority of the customers that are the cause of these issues to speak about. the ppl that live in west leederville are rude, impaitent and can get quite agressive. ive even witnessed a local man screaming at a young girl because in his opinion she was denying him tabacco beacause he was ethnic. id like to point out that thus young was also ethnic. dont even get me started on the customers i see using thier mobile phones while demanding service at the deli. it seems to be the "in thing" to be on your phone while demanding sevice and expecting the assisstant to read your mind and guess what you want. how hard is it to hang up you phone and speak to the staff with the same repect that your are asking for? basic manners seem to be something that is forgotten in that area. perhaps the staff may appear happier if they were treated like actual human beings rather than something that was scrapped off the bottom of a shoe? who knows? bottom line is that from my point of view the staff in that store are doing the best they with the little respect they recieve. i have know doubt people wouldnt want me working there because i know i wouldnt tolerate it.

  • Su
      23rd of Jul, 2014
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    I have just started visiting the West Leederville Coles, after moving to the area one month ago. Upon my first few visits I was absolutely appalled by the attitude and manners of the staff, as well as the extremely poor quality of the vegetable and dairy products.

    Firstly, the customer service is so terrible! I have been through the regular checkouts (not self serve) and have not been treated like a paying customer - more like a pest in which they wish to remove from the store as briskly as possible. No eye contact, no telling me the total amount, and the attitude of the clerk was so negative that I walked out feeling like I should not have been there. Further more, the service I received when asking a member of staff the location of a particular product I was bluntly answered with 'I don't know' and the staff member walked off. I feel as though I should be able to ask the where abouts of a product, and at the very least have the staff tell me where they think it may be.

    Another issue I have encountered was the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables/dairy on selection. The broccoli was scarce, with only three old/off pieces available. All avocados over ripe (and still $3 each). The mushrooms were all browning and squished together. The type of milk I usually purchase were all one day until expiration.

    Even after all of these negative experiences I did choose to continue the shop at Coles West Leederville. However, I will not ever be shopping at this particular Coles ever again after my latest horrendous experience. Understandably, I did not wish to be served by check out clerks again to avoid an unpleasant experience and leave feeling happy. Upon approaching the self service checkout with my partner I was told I was to use to regular checkouts. I explained to the staff member that I would prefer to use the self service option that is now provided at all Coles. The staff member said nothing and walked off. Already I was feeling as though my partner and I were being treated rudely. We ignored the rudeness of the staff member and we continued to process out shopping through the self service checkout. I asked the staff member where I can purchase the Eco friendly bags and I vaguely gestures towards the bags with out a word. Then I asked about how to move the bags into our trolley. Again, I was shot with a disgusting looks by the staff member and with out a word she pressed some buttons and stood directly next to is for the reminder of the scanning of our items.

    Finally we had finished out shopping and processed out one hundred and something dollar transaction. My partner went to buy cigarettes and I was headed out of Cloes to unpack out shopping and get home as we were in quite a rush. I was almost at the exit when the woman who was attending me at the self service stood in front of my trolley along with another staff member. They said to me that it was necessary to the entire contents of my trolley and receipt. So, I had to wait for 20 minutes while my entire weeks grocery shopping was strenuously checked. I was so embarrassed that this was all happening. I asked why they were doing this and their reply was 'You should have gone through the regular checkout'. The woman pulled out three items that were not on my receipt. First a crate of water, secondly a big bottle of juice and thirdly a protein bar. I couldn't believe that they did not get scanned, especially with the woman who was 'helping' my through out the self service checkout. I asked her, why is you saw that my water was not scanned would you not say something? And she had nothing to say. She preferred to pull me up in front of the whole store rather than simply remind me of an item that I had clearly forgotten while she was watching me.

    Not only was this the issue, but my other shopping that I had paid for was damaged and thrown around. Bread and vegetables all squished at the bottom of my trolley, eggs thrown around etc...when she was searching through my bags. While
    Doing this all my bags were removed from my trolley and several of my items were taken from me and never returned. By the end of the process I was so upset that the staff members are that unhelpful and that disgusting that they would rather dig through some ones shopping in front of the whole store and waste twenty minutes, as opposed to helping a customer who has asked.

    I believe that this is the most disgusting customer service that I have ever received and I cannot even fathom how this business is run successfully with the kind of attitudes and values they with hold. I will be taking this issue further, and I will be letting every one know to not support a filthy establishment such as this. I also believe that race and age factors where involved in their decision to pull me aside, as no one else in self service was watched so intensely, spoken to so rudely or inspected while exiting Coles.


  • Un
      6th of Aug, 2014
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    The staff here are appalling. They seclude people based on they're age, class etc. I generally go there after I go to the gym so I am not in my flashiest clothes and I am getting watched like a hawk when I do my self serve which is understandable if it was to every customer but is condescending and judgemental towards one person. The staff that work there have the personality of a blow fly, they never answer my questions and are almost mute (except when they converse and socialise with each other in their native tounge)

    I once asked a staff member for assistance on locating an item and she blankly stared at me until I had to repeat myself, to which she replied with "I'm not sure" then quickly returned to her other work. They are however quick to give me their attention or "service" when they do a random receipt check for my groceries. Their judgementalism makes me actually want to steal from there. If they're going to assume that I'm stealing, I may as well.

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