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Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Just went to your lake innes PMQ store which I used the self serve checkout - twice the machine jammed due to 50 cent coins I had put in the machine (it was definitely a cash/card register) so the woman on duty took the coins out and sat them back on the register and walked away. So I asked her if I could put them back in In order to pay for the remaining amount due, so I did in which it jammed the machine again! prior to putting the coins in I had put in a $5 note, obviously there was some issue with that machine so I asked the employee if I could just have my $5 and coins back to I could take it to a non self serve check out. She sighed, didn't say a word to me, and pulled out a box of coins, giving me the change in which I should have received if the self serve machine worked, slapped the coins in my hand and walked off. She acted like I was such an inconvenience to her and really if anything it was an inconvenience to me that the machine didn't work. I totally understand machines can muck up sometimes, that's not my issue. The way this woman handled it was pretty uncalled for and I left the store feeling like I shouldn't have gone in due to the massive inconvenience I seemed to cause your employee (by no fault of my own). Just disappointing! :/

Sep 25, 2017

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