Coles - Pyrmont / rude and unhygienic


Sandra who works in the cold meats section at Coles, Pyrmont does not wear gloves. She cuts bbq chicken as the back of her fingers and hand slides on the chicken I'm meant to eat. When I changed my mind on the purchase she rolled her eyes, shook her head and went to the next customer. I took this up with Simon, one of the store managers, who apologised and said he would correct the issue. Upon visiting that section again today, Sandra was still not wearing gloves and was very rude. She did not understand my basic request for half a dozen slices of the turkey breast which was already cut in half and covered in plastic in the window. She rambled on about it not being sliced as it's not on special and she can't give me the middle slices as she attempted to open a new one. When she finalised realised the turkey was already open and cut in half in the window, she then started blaming her new team member who first serviced me for the miscommunication. I then brought up the incident from the day before and she became very defensive and very rude. With the intense competition in this industry I would have thought basic hygiene and customer service would be paramount. I've been shopping at this store 3-4 times a week as I prefer everything as fresh as possible. I won't be visiting again.

Jun 23, 2015

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