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Casuarina NSW, Australia
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Saturday 16/7/2016. I shopped at the new store for the first time. Payment processed without me pay-passing my card. Store manager explained that they would check their records and call me if the payment did not show on their records. I left my phone number. Happy customer at Coles for years.
What resulted was a barrage of calls, one message accusing me of leaving the store with groceries without paying my bill (I received two voice emails but the store advised that they called at least 8 times in three days) These calls were made by a customer service manager called Rebecca.
I live in a zone without mobile coverage (not near the store) and work long hours during the month of July.
I called the manager on Thursday 21st July and voiced concerns about the treatment I had received. I advised I had intended to make a special trip to the store on Sat 3rd July.
I arrived at the store and found smirking staff ... mostly directed towards a check out operator with a badge Rebecca (not right spelling).
I conducted myself in an honest and fair manner and was treated like a thief. So disappointing. It takes such a lot of marketing to convert a loyal customer and one or two untrained staff to turn them away. Awful experience.

Jul 25, 2016

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