Coles Glenelgrude customer service

hello there i have taken my complaint to the assistant store manager, marion and store manager, levi on two occassions about a staff member named KYLIE.they have promised to call me back on numerous occassions.they have not.this is a serious breach of customer by levi, marion and in particular KYLIE.I AM A LOYAL REGULAR SHOPPER AT GLENELG.I HAVE BEEN FORCED TO GO ELSEWHERE BECAUSE OF HER, KYLIES, BEHAVIOUR SOLELY DIRECTED AT ME IN PRESENCE OF OTHER SHOPPERS.EITHER SOMETHING IS DONE FROM THIS OR I GO TO MY LOCAL MP.I TRUSTED LEVI AND/OR MARION.THEY HAVE BREACHED MY TRUST 100% this is a first and final warning

  • Updated by nonetoodifficult555, Aug 02, 2018

    i do not know this female named kylie personally or otherwise.i will expect a reply within 14 business days

Aug 02, 2018

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