Coles / checkout attendant "lisa" @ coles mt isa

Mount Isa, Queensland, AU

10:00am 08/03/2017
Checkout #6

Absolutely disappointed in the goods care and behaviour of the checkout lady "Lisa".
Myself and the customer Before me, separately went through the check out with young children under the age of 2, I will admit that customers (including myself at this particular visit) that are trying to settle their young children during checkout time can certainly hold things up. the inpatient attendant demonstrated disappointing customer service and horrible Behaviour towards the struggling mother and myself - with a sour and disgusting look on her face she AGGRESSIVELY stacked the bagged goods on top of each other potentially damaging the products (that we pay good money for!). when It was time to pay for my shopping I confronted "Lisa" about her service and asked what her problem was, she persisted with her ugly personality and ignored my question.. after paying $306 for goods that Lisa had potentially damaged I suggested to her that if she isn't happy in her line of work - she may want to consider another career path..
I then noticed that Lisa was all of a sudden happy and extremely friendly to the next customer behind me as she handed me my receipt.
I went to the service desk to enquire about lodging a complaint with the manager regarding MY experience with Lisa at checkout 6 - but lo and behold there was no service manager on duty at the time, so I had to leave my details with a lovely lady who apologized on behalf of Coles for Lisa's behaviour.
***nobody contacted me regarding the complaint all day.

This is only my second disappointing experience with Coles Mt Isa, the staff are usually outstanding, but this visit was not up to their high standards.

Mar 09, 2017

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