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I was desperate when I bought a 2004 Buick Le Sabre on 3/20/2014. I had started a job and needed a car to complete my job duties AND be able to commute less than 4.5 hours per day. I had been unemployed prior for nearly 10 years. So I was compelled to agree to their terms. They did not allow me to select the car I wanted (which would have been a four cylinder to save on gas in view of the length of my commute.) Plus I wanted the smallest payment possible so I would be sure to be able to pay all my debts. I asked the salesman & then the manager to show me a smaller car. The manager absolutely refused to put me in a smaller (or less expensive car though I asked him at least twice.) When I had trouble keeping up with the $190 every 2 weeks I called & pleaded to be put into something I could afford to have the manager tell me that they knew what I could afford & that based on my income & expenses I had an extra $200/month! It didn't matter that I had no health insurance and couldn't afford the $300/month premium thanks to JD Byrider's strong arm tactics. Now I've lost my job & I'm 1 year from completing this RIP off contract and still owe $8000 on this car!! (When I mentioned to the collection department that it is highway robbery to have paid $18000 for this old car, they told me I was paying for credit repair!) Never again!! I tell everyone to stay away from these crooks!

Apr 05, 2016
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      Jul 13, 2016

    I would love to get together with you. I just purchased a Kia Rio 2011, that first night the engine light went on. Then within 6 weeks the transmission slipped and I couldn't afford to keep a car that I was afraid to drive because I am 100% medically disabled. I turned the car in, was worth about $8, 000 and I was charged $15, 136.29 with finance charges the whole loan would be $27, 666.88 for an $8, 000 car. I understand that my credit is bad due to a job injury, but all I asked for was a safe and reliable car to get me to my doctors appointments. They wouldn't let me out of my contract even though the first payment was not for another 2 weeks. They told me that they wouldn't resell my car, but send it to a wholesale auction and I would have to pay the balance of the loan. I see how they violated so many people with their unethical consumer practices. I know many can't afford a lawyer to protect themselves. But I am educating myself to stop this abuse. I am going to have a lawyer, but want to get all my ducks in a row first. I want to not just fight my case, I want to fight for all of those victims that have been abused and taken advantage of by this company. I just started a facebook page, and if you look up J.D. Byrider, you will see my page right on top of theirs, the first one. It's called J.D. BYRIDER A+ FOR UNETHICAL CONSUMER PRACTICES. I want to gather all the victims and those who are directly affected by the abuse from this company. I can only make a difference by getting at least 300-400 people who have suffered and had their lives turned upside down from this company. Please join me in fighting to change the laws and not allow others who work hard to make it and then have this company destroy the little we have left. There is power in numbers, I can fight for just myself, but there are too many people the could change the way they are being treated.

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