Clicks / treatment at pharmacy by assistant, and getting my profile wrong

Polokwane, South Africa

I handed in my prescription at Savannah mall clicks which apparently lost my prescription. I normally go to clicks Cycad as it is close to me and it was fine when Wimpie was working there but now its chaos your staff cant spell read or assist a customer. I suffer from the early stages of Alzeimers and not good with dates and this lady at cycad Misha Rhemtula for the last 3 months has been giving me a very rude arrogant attitude when I go to fetch my pills as my doctor made a mistake and put my and my sons sleeping pills under my name. She never bothered to assist me always being rude and talking down at me like I'm doing something dodgy. This is not acceptable at all then to top everything they messed up my profile with someone else and when I phoned and gave them my card number they insisted that I was l Veneer I had to go to clicks mall of the north and proof that I'm SELMA GEDDES and had my card for years. I have been dealing with clicks for years but this Mishka Rhemtula has no customer service skills and no empathy for people she should not work with customers at all. My card number is [protected] so sort out this mess with my card as this is not acceptable to me

Aug 29, 2017

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