Clicks Retailersoh so heavenly lotion 3 for 2 promotion

Yesterday I went to Clicks Rail Park Mall in Gaborone, Botswana, I saw the 1 litre Oh So Heavenly lotions with nozzles lesser price promotion when u buy 2 of them, they had one type.They were going for abt p76 or so for 2 of them when one is normally around p52.

Today around lunch time, I went to Clicks Game City, Gaborone, there were 3 different types, I got 6 into my basket, at the till they said they arent on promotion.

My argument was yesterday at Railpark I saw them on promotion and why not with you when there is starndadisation in Clicks.The guy called Ronald insisted that there was no such thing, the argument took about 20 minutes.I asked him to call rail park mall, he came back saying they dont even have such a promotion at Rail Park Mall.He said he spoke to Simakaleng.

I am not ignorant, am brilliant, sorry for bragging.This Ronald guy wasted my resources and took me as if I dont know what I am doing.

Please confirm about the existence of such a promotion.

I need a written apology from Ronald over the way he treated me.

My cell number +267 [protected]

e mail [protected]

I want those delivered to me, if I was right

I think its my last time to get to Clicks


Dec 03, 2018

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