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My mother who is 82 years old was taken advantage of by this company! When she was getting ready to move they talked her into getting a cell phone because it would be cheaper! (a cell phone for an 82 year old who has problems with the tv remote) but they neglected to tell her there would be a $99 fee if she returned phone. So she receives the cell phone, I explain how it wont work in her apartment when people ring to come up and how small and complicated it is to use. She never activates phone! We return phone with prof! We do have them hook up a land line for her. Oh did I mention she was using this company for 8 years prior to the move... So she gets her first bill. Wow!! $93.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Matamoras, PA95 for activating a phone she never activated! Then $34.99 for using the cell phone for the month! Now how can she possibly use the cell phone that she never activated and mailed back to them??? But when I call to go over the bill with a "mark" do you think they will do anything about these charges?? Nooo!!! This company takes advantage of the elderly! They turn her phone off before due date! Then charge reconnection fee! Over and over!! Plus add more fees which is funny because how can a phone that is turned off price continue to go up?? Besides the reconnection fee??? Do not use this company!!! They are horrible!! They have no care of their customers! And they prey on the elderly!!!

May 08, 2017
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  • Cr
      Aug 18, 2017

    Not surprised. look at how many complaints these hucksters have. they rope in the elderly for lousy phone service and then overcharge them. file a complaint with your puc at: help put a stop to these jokers.

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