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My husband decided to shop around for cheaper insurance, he was contacted by clear rate who told us they could give us the same phone and Internet service as verizon for 70 dollar's cheaper...ok great deal just to switch over and have the most shoddy phone and Internet service calls not coming or always being disconnected and internet slower then ever. My husband called them to ask about the internet speed and they said it was a mistake in the account and give them a week to fix it. Called back a week later to say they don't even provide the Internet speed they promised us in our area!!!

Then proceeded to swear they never told my husband he would get that speed. To which he told him yes they had, because he never would have switched to them if they had told him that the Internet would be slower that they promised him that they would provide the same service for cheaper. They now say he is in contract and has to pay out to end it.

Jul 31, 2018
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  • Cr
      Jul 31, 2018

    Not surprising. It always shocks me when people complain here on Complaints Board, but if they had looked up Clear Rate Communications BEFORE signing up for their service they would have seen all the other people who have had lousy service from Clear Rate.

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