Clarks Shoes / Soles just came off while walking.

Dawson Pennsylvania, United States

Kept my black dress shoes in my bedroom closet during the spring and summer months, and took them out to wear to the mall in the early fall, and literally the more I walked, the more the soles just left a trail of black dust until I realized that they were defective. Got my second pair out and
the same thing happened. I still have these two pair of shoes, and I was going to call the company, because other people must be having the same problem. Love my clark shoes, but am in a little bit of shock as to why this would happen. I buy most of my clark shoes at bon-ton in greensburg, pa and uniontown, pa.

Please contact me as to what I should do about this. I am not sure I should buy any new ones for next fall and winter. A refund will do for new shoes, but would like to know if they resolved the problem. A lot of years and never this or any other problem with their shoes.


Donna Rushton

Jan 26, 2017

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