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68 Piccadilly road, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Phone: 07449081479

At the end of July we visited clarks shoe department in mother care Blackburn with my son for a new pair of school shoes. A trainee girl measured my little boys feet. She then got another girl to check that they was the correct size and fit. I was confident in trusting there judgement and happily purchased the shoes. When my son started school in September I noticed that whilst wearing his new shoes he was struggling to keep them on his feet and looking down at them you could see how spacious they were. In actual fact they were to big. On 11th of September I returned the shoes to burnley and received a refund. The staff at burnley so how the shoes were far to wide for my son. I'm very upset as my son could have suffered with blistered feet due to the ill fitting shoes. I'm not blaming the trainee as we all have to learn but I think it's a very poor do when two staff employed to fit children's shoes got it wrong and like Iv already mentioned the consequences could of been my little boys feet being ruined

Sep 11, 2014

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