Clarks5 pairs of shoes, rubber soles disintegrated

I checked online about the problem my Clark's shoes all had and found hundreds of customers had the same problem. The top of the shoes were fine and very comfortable, however, over time the rubber soles of every pair disintegrated. I called Clark's USA. They needed the shoe number inside the shoe in order to track it. Not only did it have the number but also the year and country they were made in. I had thrown out the 3 sandals as the tops were old. I saved 2 leather mules where the leather was perfectly good. One pair was made in 2004. Because they were old, even though in good shape, all they could do for me was to send me a $30 coupon towards another pair of Clark's. I haven't checked the price of repair but have a feeling it wouldn't be cheap. The Clark's rep. tried to make excuses for the soles claiming I must not have worn them consistently, etc. One pair I wore all the time! I disputed her claim and said that I had read literally hundreds of postings of people with the same problem! One explanation I read was that they apparently substituted a cheaper grade of rubber awhile ago. Since my shoes went back as far as 2004 and earlier apparently nothing has changed. Tonight, I searched for Clarks shoes(mules) and many had "synthetic" soles.

Jan 31, 2017

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