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Hello, here is a brief description of my issue: today, as of Apr.21 I
went to CitizensBank's branch in Cambridge, MA, Harvard Sq. I wanted to
ask about fee refund since I overdrew my balance.I explained that I am
disabled and have some difficulties with concentration when dealing with
finances.I was humiliated, ignored, they made me wait for 40 min to talk
to the manager, and finally same person (E'atimad Rizk) called me in her office just to scream that she doesn't not want to talk to me
that she is going to close my account. Some banker next to her said that she was a manager, even so when I asked to talk to the manager in a first place she said that the manager is not available. I asked for her name and she got
hysterical, telling me that she doesn't want to talk to me and that because i used f word (i said I am sorry) but she said 'No!' and that i
need to leave or she calls the police.I asked for her name again, she
screamed that it's on her tag and that I need to leave.I said she can
call police if she needs too.She did.I was told I made her feel
uncomfortable and that I must never enter this branch or I will be
arrested.I hope the whole conflict is recorded by bank's camera's and am
sure I was treated badly. Though I am with this bank for 6 years, and
was never treated with anything by respect before.Also, what might be
helpful she kept saying she knows me.I never met her in my life.And I
thought she meant she saw me at the bank before.I have no idea what all
this was about.But what is worse that even so I was asking her and other
bankers to talk to the manager I never got too even so I spent there at
least an hour. All this is very very upsetting. Please advise.

Apr 22, 2014
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      22nd of Apr, 2014

    If you're disabled and unable to handle your finances I would advise you to ask a trusted relative or friend to help in writing checks.

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