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J Nov 26, 2017 Review updated:

Citi Bank was great until they started Scamming me out my Money. I made a payments on time and still got charge late fees, I finally had enough so I decided to close my account and pay the Full Balance on my account. Two Months Later I get a call saying I owe Fifty Eight Dollars plus late Fee of 25$ and interest. I wouldn't recommend Citi Bank to know one. This by far The worst bank ever and if you have account you better check it three times a day.


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      Nov 26, 2017

    Hi Jervon.

    Appreciated reading your complaint.

    If the initial amount(s) that were still on the account were made up or false, then you'd have something to argue about. Be aware, though, that just as in a checking account, debit/credit cards can have transactions which come through after you believe you've paid off the account. If they are legitimate transactions, even though you may have honestly forgotten about them, you'd be wise to get it paid for. Banks can add on a lot more than late fees. The interest can legally compound along with collection charges which may become huge. Even though a credit rating may not be important to you at this very minute, you're going to find it used within the future. You'll have (perspective) employers use it along with lenders and the negative rating will hurt any chances you may have. There was a somewhat recent case where someone almost lost their home off of a similar smaller debt.

    I'm not trying to absolutely state the charge(s) they're claiming are legit, BUT IF THEY ARE, deal with it now and save yourself a great deal of heartache and money later.

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