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Citibank Credit Card / faulty mediclaim policy sold by citibank

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Dear Sir,

Mediclaim Policy brought thru my Citibank Credit Card no. [protected]

I live in Mumbai, India and was using a Citbank credit card 2 years back. In Jan 2006 I bought a mediclaim policy which I did not get tuill April end. nly when I called them in April about the status that the policy was delivered at my house and that too was wrong. On conveying the same to them they took their own sweet time in responding.

Then they send me a revised policy with correct details. But again the opolicy is such thgat one has to contact Chennai which is another state for recovery. So I ask them to cancel my policy in June (within 45 days of policy being sent to me)

They reversed only 25% of the fee and kept sending me bills for teh 75% amount as I had cancelled afer 6 months , if they calculate from 1st jan 2006.

I argued and wrote to them stating that in teh first place the rules of cancellation were not made clear to me at te htime of purchase and also that had the policy come to me in Jan, then the same would be done in jan. But since I got the policy only in April end, how can they expect me to cancel the policy within 45 days of issue!!! It is highly unjustful. i also wrote to their central office at Chennai as they don't have any Credit card office in Mumbai! This was another humbug. No office of Citibank Credit Card in Mumbai.

I kept writing mails after mails and letter after letters. But they don't seem to listen So now I have decided to fight it out with citibank. Want you to help spread the unjust practice abroad.

Just yesterday I received an SMS for paying Rs. 5,700/-. This is an increase of Rs. 4000 by way of interest on a payment of Rs. 1700/- which I am anyway not liable to pay.

Need your help and guidance in suing Citibank for the trouble they are causing to me by sending me unnecessary SMS and statements.


Ashish Dalvi
Mumbai, India

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      25th of Nov, 2008
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    Similar problem happened with me. I was thrusted upon this ### unwanted "Good Health" policy which I never wanted in the first place and after that I have been sent multiple bills which now amount to more than Rs 7000, even though I have never used my card for anything! I have writted mails to them to cancel my card but they repetedly refuse to accept that I never asked for their crappy health policy and do not cancel the card or the policy!! Citibank is such a cheater and fraud...people kindly stay away!

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