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Circle K / wants to charge for free cokes

1 West Monroe, LA, United States Review updated:

I recieved 3 coupons today from, its coca colas website where you enter the codes from the caps of their products and get points. You can then use these points to buy various items. I always choose the "free 20oz coke product" coupons.

Anyway, I went into town to get my "free" coke. I stopped at the circle k on well rd in west monroe, louisiana.

I went inside, got a coke out of the cooler, and handed the lady behind the counter my coupon. She said she needed to scan the coke, which I figured was for inventory reasons or something. But, being curious, I asked about it.

"you have to pay sales tax on it", she said

"sales tax? Well, its free, so sales tax on 0 is 0. ", I replied jokingly.

"no, it says on the coupon that you have to pay the sales tax. ", she said.

"but its free", I said.

"no, like I said, you have to pay the sales tax on the normal price. ", she replied

"forget it. Let me have my coupon back", I said.

"you don't want the coke?", she asked.

"not if i'm going to have to pay for it. ", I replied, "i've been to 3 different stores with these type of coupons before and this is the first one that has wanted me to pay anything. "

Now, I did look at the coupon after leaving, and it does say "you pay sales tax and/or deposit. "

However this is the first time i've had any store even say anything about it, more or less try to get money from me.

I will not buy anything from circle k any more.

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  • Ci
      14th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    MAYBE the cashier was just doing their job. MAYBE circle k has very strict policies and watch their employees' every move inside the store. MAYBE previously mentioned cashier did not want to be reprimanded for a cash shortage because you are too cheap to cough up the dime that the COUPON ASKED FOR. get a life and get a clue. nothing is free in corporate america.

  • We
      16th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ok let me get this strait. You acknowledge that the coupon DID say that you have to pay the sales tax and you STILL want the cashier to ignore the instructions so you can get away with a few pennies? Some cashiers don't know that you still have to collect the sales tax and you 've admitted that you've taken advantage of their ignorance. What a loser. You need to stop terrorizing us cashiers and someone needs to slap you upside the head with a reality check. You're lucky you weren't in MY store. I'd definitely tell you where to put your "free" coke.

  • Un
      13th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    These employees are trash, I cannot even find a way to complain to this widely spread company that hires anyone they can. They allow racism, they run their mouths to customers who use Ebt., they try to make people feel bad for being of a different skin color. The marketting manager in Memphis is named Bobby Coplin a married man with children- who harrasses employees and threatens their job. Maybe having someone like him in charge shows how bad this company is. This chain should be broken up if these employees cannot learn respect, but it comes from the top. If the store manager's boss is in grabbing at girl's butts and trying to get himself off by threatening their job- how can they feel safe or secure. How can they work for such a low down person? It's going to carry on through the employees. What can employees of a gas station do when their checks are short? When they are harrassed? Hire a lawyer and have their word against marketting managers like Bobby Coplin, who understands how to get away with his disgusting ways. Hopefully his wife catches him and hopefully this organization will do something against people who fight against coupon holders, Ebt users, racism, but worst of all is sexual harrassment. My daughter came home crying- she recently got the job and was happy as the economy is struggiling, it took a long talk with her mother to make it understandable that it was not just her boss, but her manager's boss who put his hands on a eighteen year old girl. I hope justice will come. I have called local radio stations, but they are not allowed to use the name of the pervert; although I doubt this company will do anything. After my daughter quit, her hours were deducted on her next pay checks. Her manager could not bring up the hours she worked as his boss (Coplin/Coeplan) had totally removed all records of her employment. Seems as though he realized some people will take pride and avoid his perverted hands, even if it means losing their job. Justice please!

  • Ma
      9th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    First of all to the original complaint... Really? Wow. Read all coupons, YOU MUST PAY SALES TAX. It will say it on all of them. Who are you to think you are above such thinks? I pay my taxes and I think you should too!

    &to unsilent. I don't know the man you are speaking of but a piece of advice... tread lightly. What you are doing is slander. That could be an awful big lawsuit on your hands. & If your daughter had kept her time reciepts like you are instructed to do so there wouldn't have been a problem with her hours missing she would have had proof. & Try calling corporate if it is a corporate ran store. The gms burn a disc once a month of a single shift that is sent to circle k security which is kept by them. Could be something revealing if anything at all.

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