Circle K Stores / kimberly (cashier) lack of customer service/ does not card for cigarettes or lottery tickets

The young lady that goes by the name Kimberly as well as an Indian gentleman are extremely rude. My husband and I have had multiple situations with Kimberly. She will argue you down about policy that she does not know ( in front of others in store). She seems to be on some type of drugs because of her slow response and a look of being lost in her eyes. One particular night I come in(store filthy as usual, with the whole display of gift cards and about 20 candy bars laying on the ground) I am on the phone and my husband is telling me a good type of cigarillo to try as I want to try something new. She refuses to sell them to me. I then bring my husband back to the store where once he asked why I wasn't sold the cigarillos, Kimberly states that I said the word "picky", she turns sells cigarillos to him without checking for ID. She never ask for ID for any tobacco products or lottery tickets from my husband, myself nor others EVER.

Her customer service skills are horrible as well as others at this location ( corner or Ray Rd and McClintock) and the store remains filthy.
The tea machine has green mold/slime that has been on the nozzle for at least 5 months(just moved to area)..
She really should check her behavior as others may not be as nice as I have been, given her constant disrespect, look or disgust she gives customers..

Nov 27, 2017

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