Circle K Stores / I am complaining about your employee beverly at the circle k on woodlawn and park rd..

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She is extremely rude on two different visits. She doesn't greet the customer coming in and was on the phone instead of ringing up customers. When I asked for my product I was meet with a glare and a roll of her eyes. She informed me and the 6 customers on line behind me that she was on the phone with her boss and we had to wait. At the transaction I marked poor on the screen and Beverly decided she was going to speak under her breathe on how she doesn't care about my rating. I told her she should watch who she is speaking to since at the moment my only child is in the hospital fighting for her life this Holiday Season. She then gave me a look and sucked her teeth. I understand we all get busy at the job but her only job is to greet and ring up customers she needs to be retrained. Maybe she is unhappy with her job but that has nothing to do with me or the many other customers she is rude to. I will be spreading the word that you have rude employees at your stores and take my business to a company that cares about there customers.

Dec 23, 2017
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