Circle K Storesfuel truck driver

J Nov 29, 2017

Today at around 630 pm one of your truck drivers was delivering a gravity drop of diesel. In doing so he block two exits and the was around the back of the store keeping customers from turning left to avoid traffic.

Most drivers I have observed park in suck a manner as to allow left turns for the facility which is located on W. Chapman Ave., turn blocked was onto Yorba at the corner light. During rush hour this congrats congests the are a more if blocked in this way. I asked the driver if he could move the cab 1.5 feet to allow traffic around thw cab. His response was,
" No, I'm dropping a load of diesel which of I moved, I can't reach the tank." I replied, " Funny that none of the other drivers have that problem." His response was, " Why should I move? Who the [censor] are you?"

He continues to curse me and call me racist and other names. I neglected to record his actions, more is the pity.

Is this how you train your employees to act? This driver was Hispanic and I am Caucasian. Why did he need to curse and bring race into something that could have had simple solution?

I also notice you provide no phone number for people to call about complaints or, to contact you in any way, for any reason. I imagine now this was done on purpose and I now know why.

His truck number was #662423. His tank plate number was Iowa TI 8693.

I expect a return call to r resolve this issue or further action will be taken on my part. Lets fix this so I want need to take this action.

My name is John and my number is [protected].

I await your response with great impatience.

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