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About 7:20 am this morning 04/20/2018, I attempted getting gas at the Circle K on Narcoossee in St. Cloud. I started pumping the gas and went to check the rest of the vehicle. When I went back to the gas, the automatic shut off had malfunctioned and gas was pouring from my tank. I stopped the gas and went into the clerk, explaining what happened, obvious I'd be agitated, and she said their was nothing that could be done. I asked for the manager, and she the manager would be in, in 10 min. I asked for a complaint number to call to find out about reimbursement, so she handed me a menu for chicken. I was shocked.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Saint Cloud, FLI asked her to call the manager, whom she called, and the manager stated it was unclear why she had any responsibility for her pump malfunctioning, and she made me feel very unimportant and she began implicating that I was fabricating the situation. I stopped listening, and because the clerk had moved farther away, to where there were magazines, a gap between the magazines and the register, and then the clerk, I could not reach her with the phone, so I tossed it and it fell down the gap. At that point, the clerk said, "Don't throw the phone at me.", which was incredible since she made no attempt to reach for it, and it did not even reach her. I was so amazed by her audacity, I just said, "dude, shut up" as I was walking out. Plus, the malfunctioning machine gave me no receipt for the gas that went not into my tank, but on the ground .

  • Updated by Brett Hansen · Apr 20, 2018

    I was upset that I was made to feel like a liar, and they were going to do nothing to stop it from happening to the next customer.
    And, it was GAS !!! Gas is FLAMMABLE !!! What would have happened if there were a spark ? What’s Circle K’s liability then ? Oh’, it was my fault I blew up ?

Apr 20, 2018

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