Circle K Stores / benches removed out front and employees comment on using of bathroom during cleaning

United States

This is meant to be helpful not just to complain. First this about your newly acquired location in gold canyon, face lift out front was nice but you removed the benches out front which was a great place to meet my fellow retirees for last minute purchases (Smokes, water, soda, snacks, and of course to talk which when repeated become habit and develops a long time and steady customer base and now that the gas price is more in line with the stations down the street more of that will come. You are next to mountain brook 55 community which i'm sure you know. Now on to your employees comment to me on using the restroom while she was cleaning, maybe if she left one open (There are two) this wouldn't have been an issue you gotta go you gotta go right I know you've been there too. Store is clean and opened up inside nice touch please bring back the benches if smoking outside is a problem put up some no smoking signs

Oct 18, 2017

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