Circle K / store manager

wilmington nc, United States
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i have been a long time customer at circle k located at Gordon rd in Wilmington NC. I will no longer be a customer of this store and will take my business along with my company business to another company. I will no longer walk in to this store and listen to the store manager Amy being abusive to her employees. She is rude to them and constantly talking down to them in front of customers. I have visited many of the other circle k/ kangaroo stores here in Wilmington and have not seen these problems there. The turnover rate at this store is ridiculous, and im sure the employees will not complain for themselves in fear of losing their jobs. I have voiced my concerns with my employees and my customers and as a business owner near this store we have decided to take out business else where and i will be canceling our fleet cards with this company. Its sad to see hard working people just trying to work and provide a service to their customers to be treated this way. Something really needs to be done or I feel this problem with just keep getting worse. I will also be voicing my concerns with my local employment commission as this really seems to be abusive .

Mar 23, 2017

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