Circle K / gift card

Soddy Daisy, TN, United States

My husband and i received a gas card of 150 dollars while we were responding to forrest fires here in our hometown in soddy daisy, all of the circle k gas stations in this area have not taken our gas card after them giving us lots of grief and attitude. we are both firefighters and have been trying to use this card for probably 6 months . We finally were able to use the card but every time we would go to use it we were either cursed at or told they didn't know how to use it, my problem with this is they can quickly take 150 dollars and put it on the circle k gift card that we can't even use because no one knows how to use it so the company is pretty much stealing our money from us. All the stores in the area that don't know how to use them are the soddy daisy/ lakesite location, northgate mall location, and the hixson pike locations. I would very much appreciate if i could get a reaponse from this but even better PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EDUCATE AND TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES ON HOW TO HAVE PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NOT CURSE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. THANK YOU.

Jan 22, 2017

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