Circle K / customer service

Phoenix, AZ, United States

To whom it may concern,

On Wednesday, 1/25/16 at approximately 2 in the morning I was treated horribly by all three employees working that shift. First, my friend and I walked in and the fridge doors to where the soda and energy drinks are kept was locked. As I attempted to get help in unlocking the doors, both females were on the other side of the store laughing and giggling ridiculously loud and practically ignored my request. My friend who was with me forgot his wallet and took himself back to my truck. As I got my drinks one of the employees made a comment to the other female under her breathe. As the same girl rang me up, the other one was walking by doing her own thing talking very loudly almost in my face which was very disrespectful. As I paid, she asked me if my friend was a friend of mine and he came back in the store to tell me the other female had wrote down my license plate. I was driving and I had done nothing wrong, I got my items and brought them straight to the counter to pay for them. My friend came in the store with me but left quickly because he realized he forgot his wallet. There was no reason for my plate to be taken down and she told my friend not to act suspicious when he came back in and walked out with me. I got home and called the store to ask for the manager that's working in the morning and was denied the name and the time the manager comes in by the guy that was working there named "Keon" and he hung up with me when I became frustrated on the phone. When I called back he told me he me he was new and didn't know if he could give me the information for the manager and when I told him he hung up on me he told me its late and he didn't do anything wrong as he's with a customer and busy. All of this was unnecessary and my friend and I were the only two in the store. I'm a firefighter in the community of this store and have come in almost every day since it was rebuilt. I hope someone will help make this right with a valued customer as I was very disrespected and mistreated and so was my friend who was wrongly accused of "acting suspicious".


Nathan H.

Jan 26, 2017

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