Circle Kcircle k - cave junction 76, store location #114

Yesterday evening, (11:27:45 PM, Register : 1 Trans#: 2202 Op ID: 11, Cashier: Summer) Wednesday, January 25, 2017, I entered our local Cave Junction 76, Store Location #114 with the intent of purchasing cigarettes (I am 57 years of age) and had brought a plastic bag of returnable soda bottles to redeem for the deposit which I could then apply towards my purchase. The bottles were each washed before being placed in the bag (just as I have always done), however, the clerk at the register greeted me by saying, "I'm sorry, I cannot take your bottle returns." I asked her why she couldn't accept my clean bottles that I had purchased from that very store and when she told me her boss told her not too, I asked if she was aware that she was breaking the law and could get in trouble for doing so she responded, "No, I can't because my boss told me not too." It was just two months ago I remember a visit in this same store where I was being told the same thing by different cashier. On that visit I asked to speak to the manager, David. When David appeared he began telling me he wasn't accepting bottle returns and I kindly informed him of the rules set forth by the state of Oregon regarding bottle returns which clearly states that a store which sells beverages and charges and accepts a deposit must also, in turn, accept and repay the deposit fees. The only exception was in cases where the bottles being returned were damaged, dirty, or not sold by that particular store. His refusal to accept bottle returns was illegal. Before I could finish my sentence he was behind the counter and began issuing my refund. It was apparent at that time that David had no intention of changing his "orders" to his employees and was only taking my returns because I had called him on his violation.) On yet another visit my son and his fiance had stopped for gas and my future daughter in law had gone inside to pay and to also purchase cigarettes with my son tagging along to grab a beverage. When she got to the register and made her request for cigarettes she was asked for her ID, fair enough. However, when the cashier realized my son was with her she demanded his ID as well and when he refused she refused to sell the cigarettes to his fiance stating his refusal as just cause to deny her purchase!???? I visited David a few days later to ask him about the incident to which he replied, "yes, it was policy to card everybody in a given party when selling cigarettes. Again, I had to inform your manager that this was an illegal act. If you are keeping track, this makes three incidences with your manager at this one store for me and in my book, something needs to be done about the actions of your "manager" David. I intend to contact the state of Oregon to file an additional complaint of harassment as I feel your employee is taking the law in his own hands at the customers expense in order to produce larger profit reports to your company and personally, I'm sick of his methods and his disrespect for customers and the laws that govern us all.

Jan 26, 2017

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