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Cigna / Rip off company

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I had a back operation on 04/29/08. I have paid for long term disability for CIGNa Insurance for 7 years.

The normal recovery time for the procedure I had is

3 to 6 months. Cigna thought I should have been back to work in 2 weeks. This is totally insane.

I have as yet not been paid and am at the end of my rope as I have lost the job I had. I have filed an appeal, but have gotten a royal run around. I don't know what to do next. Please help! My doctor would not ok me to return to work until the end of July (3 months).

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  • Jo
      20th of Sep, 2008

    Well if you were a private pay customer CIGNA should cover you if your claim is approved. However, if your company offered the plan to you, once you are terminated then the money wouldn't be approved. Plus since you aren't working now, there isn't anything to be paid to you.

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  • De
      15th of Oct, 2008

    Met life i was scammed on as well they promised to pay drs visits at which was not done. I demanded a refund im still waiting for it over a year later.

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  • Ti
      9th of Dec, 2008

    CIGNA is the worst they take and take, they are a bunch on cons to top it off. I have been out of work the first thing they do is give me a run around then issues me a paper telling me any money I get for my injuries they get paid back for. Then after 3 months I get told they are delaying it. I should be able to work. I am still injured I would love to work but as a TECH I need to be able to move freely and not have limits under 2 hours of movement a day. Now they need more clarification on my limits. IF YOU CAN HELP IT GET A REAL COMPANY THIS ONE IS A SCAM.

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  • Km
      9th of Apr, 2009

    Just don't grow old while you work for Cigna, they always find a way of getting rid of you, like scoring you real low so you can't apply in any other departments, it's the 16 year mark that we were all afraid of, when your at the top of the pay scale.They say older people are just sitting around, not showing any drive waiting for their retirement (that's exactly what they said to me).

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  • Fu
      24th of Jun, 2009

    I was covered by Cigna through my employer for two years. I had surgery in February 2007. Short term disability was paid until June 2007. I was able to work and Cigna Casemanagers continued to request documents from the doctors. In the meantime Cigna contracted a company to file for my Social Security Disability which was denied. As a result of no income I became homeless. I was evicted and loss all my belongings. Through an attorney SSA was awarded in November 2008. Being a diabetic with Carpal Tunnel (both hands ), Neuropathy. I have severe back pain and walk with a cane. After researching the practices of their casemanagement ninety percent of disabilty claims are rejected and their employees are given a bonus.If anyone has a similar problem and want to contact me please call 314-532-2035...Mary Covington

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  • Wh
      4th of Sep, 2009

    I have been on disability since 07-30-09 and have only got one check from Cigna, it is to be paid weekly they said. I called and was tolded "we do not control the mail". I got a check today 09-04-09 but it has a stop payment on it. Cigna is the biggest ripoff ever.

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  • Am
      2nd of Jul, 2010

    Cigna has merged with Great West Health Care.

    I have a PPO through my employer with Cigna and even in network they cover NOTHING . I pay 400.00 per month to have a 2500.00 individual deductable, and a 7000.00 family deductable. Each deductable must be met once in network and once for out of network!
    Therefore I would have to spend for my family of four: 17000.00 before I was covered by my insurance!! All deductables must be met BEFORE THEY PAY ANYTHING and no deductibles count toward other ones, like my son say he reaches the 2500.00 in network deductable, well that is not applied to teh family deductable, no, you do not work on the family deductable until ALL the other deductables are met.

    In short I pay Cigna 4800.00 a year so I can be liable for another 17000.00 a year in possible medical bills, Oh did I mention I make 35000.00 a year, so half my income is out on medical if we have a surgery that is very expensive or simply a tragedy.

    We are not eligeable for medicaid and I am not ALLOWED to cancel Cigna unless I have proof of insurance elsewhere, which I cannot pay for until I get rid of Cigna! They are an aweful, aweful company. I ghave never had insurance that was so worthless. I miss AETNA or United Healthcare. Heck anyone that will pay a claim after I make my co pay!

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  • Ge
      16th of Mar, 2011

    I paid $600/mo out of my own pocket through my company's medical plan while serving in Iraq from 2004-2005. When my wife called me to ask about my kids' mandatory booster shots for attending school, Cigna refused saying, "Don't call us unless there's an ambulance involved."

    When I returned from Iraq, I got the COBRA letter from them asking me to continue my coverage after employment for $2, 100/mo... all for nothing! Cigna Execs should all go to prison.

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  • Be
      6th of May, 2011

    My 3 year old son had extensive tooth decay. We were told due to his age, the 5 crowns, 2 cavities, and caps would need to be done under general anesthesia as an out patient procedure. Because we were told both dental and medical would be filed, I called CIGNA before giving the go to have the procedure done to make sure this procedure would be covered. The customer service tech reviewed my plan after keeping me on hold to look through it and returned to the line telling me that she did find where this procedure would be covered due to his age. Because he was under 7 years old, it was covered as a medical necessity. My decision to move forward to with the procedure was based on this information. Had I been told it was not covered, I would have never allowed it. We would have had to find another alternative because my husband and I cannot afford to pay out of pocket over $12K. Now the procedure is done and the EOB's are coming back denied because the decay was not caused by illness or injury. I called to inquire about this and was told by another tech that she saw were I had called, and was told it was covered. Then she told me I was told incorrect information and that she did ask her supervisor and the only thing I could do is file an appeal. But that was after I told her this was not right and I would continue to fight the denial. Now I'm appealing my case and feel the storm just starting. I would like to know who gives some pencil pushing idiots the right to determine what your doctor has requested as "medically necessary" as not? I am so frustrated and ready to file a complaint the the insurance commissioner in my state and contact my local news. I feel like I have to do something to expose this type of issue. This is fraud reversed!! I was told it was covered by CIGNA. I had no reason to doubt the CIGNA employee when I called. I guarantee I will not be using CIGNA next year!!

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  • Po
      13th of Jan, 2013

    We signed up for Cigna and they are trying to pro-rate my wife all the way back to her re-hire date. What's worse is they also pro-rated me and signed her up as an employee + 1, even though I'm not supposed to be on the plan. They bilked us for thousands and refuse to change it or let her drop the plan even though they are in error. They are the absolute worst and I advise anyone who's thinking of signing with them to STAY AWAY!

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  • Ke
      18th of May, 2013

    CIGNA is more like a PONZI SCHEME than an insuraqnce company in my opinion. It seesm they can only clear a massive profit by screwing thousands of their customers. They seem to ROUTINELY deny and delay claims to the point many give up or become infuriated at their seemingly TOTAL lack of compassion or customer service. They have Drs on staff according to what I understand and these Drs that ROUTINELY seem to deny claims for CIgna have a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!

    They approved my claim but after a few weeks denied any further coverage all of a sudden for NO legitiamate reason other than THEIR medical people...who have never even SEEN me denyiong my claim...but my doctor and my employer say I can NOT go back to work and maybe never be able to go. BUT my employer, who is a decent company extended my FMLA even though I exhausted the normal 12 weeks...CIGNA however has been nothing but a huge nightmare and STILL refuses to deny my RIGHTFUL claim!

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  • Ke
      18th of May, 2013

    WORST insurance company in my opinion! The only seem to make their ENORMOUS profits and exec bonuses by SCREWING CUSTOMERS! They seem to routinely DENY rightful disability claims to...but since they got in hot water with the courts it now seems they have adjusted to paying just a few weeks or a month and THEN automatically denying!

    I have feet swollen up like sausages from RA and I also have asthma, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea...and these JERKS say they are denying my disability claim and that I can do my job as a truck driver...MY EMPLOYER will NOT ALLOW me to work until the doctor will sign a "fit for duty" document..and he says I can not work the SAME documents he sent to both CIGNA and my employer. My employer a DECENT company has even extended my leave time even though I have been gone more than 12 weeks and possibly may never be able to return, because I need to see a neurologist too now...but Cigna apparently would prefer I faked being WELL and and killed someone accidentally in a 18 wheeler accident than pay what is RIGHTFULLY due to me. And they DID pay THREE WEEKS...then denied any further claim and refused to take up to date medical info BEFORE THEIR own cutoff date...a upper manager FINALLY included SOME of it..but the crooks STILL denied my claim...but tell me they would be glad to "help" me appeal it! LIKE I WOULD EVER TRUST CIGNA AGAIN...DEN OF THIEVES IN MY OPINION I do NOt know how anyone can work for this company that screws people when they need the help most. I have worked HARD for over twenty years and now when I actually NEED the std insurance..I find out it's not worth much more than the paper it is printed on!

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  • Sh
      1st of Sep, 2013

    I replied to another post on here that they are illegally blocking people from wellness. Try finding an attorney to take them on. Mine is blatant in writing illegal over and over. I ended up having to tell my company what was happening. I don't recommend that... I recommend finding a patient advocate to assist you.

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  • Sh
      1st of Sep, 2013

    Isn't there a way to have any of this investigated... as in action taken so they are held accountable? If there is something that can be done I'd like to know and be involved.

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  • Ul
      17th of May, 2017

    Count me in- almost had a break down - for the 10th time with this company!!! A SCAM!
    Let's unite and file a suit

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