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Cigna International Complaints & Reviews

CignaService information

Called the Cigna information line concerning the jump in my copay for Testim testosterone cream. After spending 20+ minutes on the phone with Angela - it was determined that if I switch to Androderm - my copay would be 30.12. I called my doctor - GOT AN APPOINTMENT - PAYED THAT CO-PAY and got that script called in. After all this - I show up at the pharmacy - CO-PAY IS STILL 50.00. When I spent ANOTHER 20+ minutes on the phone, it was determined that Angela was either misinformed or incompetent. Now, after almost 14 days - the pharmacist and the CIGNA rep on the phone refused to talk to each other - WTF???!!!??
So, the CIGNA rep told me "Testosterone" was a generic and would be 10.00. When I told the pharmacist - he gave me the NDC number - when I told the number to the CIGNA rep - THEY DIDN'T MATCH!!!
So the pharmacist told me to look up the manufacturer for androgel (the NEW med) or Testim (the OLD med) and get a manufacturer coupon - did this before and the pharmacy told my wife that is only for people WITHOUT insurance - when I relayed that to the pharmacist in front of me - he told me to use ONLY THE MANUFACTUER COUPON.
So, I am back home - on the computer - after ANOTHER WASTED TRIP taking MORE TIME to deal with this circus.
What a joke - what a way to add more layers of garbage - and create more animosity and less service . . . .
So, in a phrase - CIGNA can suck it . . . .
Robb Rogers

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    • Jo
      Jomesque Aug 22, 2012
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I have a preexisting condition i am a diabetic an take insulin at night spoke with Cigna insurance company Friday August 17, 2012 said they could not offer me insurance because of that reason.

      Can they do that knowing that people need health Insurance?

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    Cigna Dental — Waiting Period Misunderstanding

    I would first and foremost like to say that I do take some of the responsibility in what transpired between...

    CignaUnjust Practice

    For the last 3 months I have been battling this horrible company to approve my short term disability claim. I was taken out of work by my Dr. due to a back injury that is chronic in nature. I also am diagnosed with depression which can be very severe in episodes and very debilitating. On 8/21/13 I took this leave and since returned to work on 10/21 because my claims were denied. I had no other choice...go back to work or lose my home despite the circumstances. I was shuffled from person to person at Cigna and all they basically did was bury me in paperwork and never once did they actually speak to my Dr. I appealed the decision only to find out today it had been denied as well. The company's motto is: "To help the people we serve improve their health, well-being and security." This couldn't be any further from the truth. I would advise anyone looking into this company for insurance to RUN away as fast as you can. Statistically speaking, Cigna denies 1/3 of their claims and seems to be more concerned about their bottom line than the individual. I filed a complaint with the Washington State Insurance Commissioner with the hopes of at least sending this organization a message. For as much as we all pay for insurance in this country it would be nice to know you can count on it when you need it. I'm just utterly disgusted by the way Cigna has treated me and others. Look at their reviews:
    I hope this company gets a big wake up call and finally realizes that it can't go on treating people like this.

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      • Ey
        eyesopened Nov 15, 2014
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Legal recourse? Really, ? Where? I know, at least for employees, cigna has mandatory binding arbitration, which you have to sign. If this is the same for their customers, than there is NO legal recourse. From what I have read, arbitrators don't have to follow the law. Who is going the bring the arbitrator more repeat business, the customer with the one time complaint, or the huge corporation? I am guessing cigna brings arbitrators a lot of business. That aside, legal recourse also requires an attorney to be effective. Attorneys are expensive, and not everyone can afford them; and cigna, well they have their own corporate attorneys. JKool30, I am sorry that you have had to deal with therm. cigna is a horrible excuse for a company.

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      • Ae
        aejiii Jun 17, 2014

        My premiums go up if you get paid out on something you didn't contract for.

        So please explain how Cigna violated the terms of your policy (insurance contract).

        KMart doesn't refund your money for a Craftsman tool sold by Sears. Is KMart uncaring?

        If Cigna violated a contract, you have legal recourse. If Cigna complied with a contract, you could have paid more premium with someone else who would have had contracted to cover your scenario.

        A Claim is a request for reimbursement in compliance with contracted terms(policies).

        The fact that a third of the claims are false, (not in the contract), doesn't mean anything other than folks don't think they are responsible for knowing the content of the contracts to which they are party, (at best). Fraud at worst.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      cigna of tennesseemisleading from different employees on our policy

      Our daughter has to have jaw surgery because she has a very bad cross bite which could not be fixed by the ORTHO. The procedure needed 1 year of preparation before the actual surgery, so I call cigna to confirm our coverage to make sure that it is covered before we proceed and the doctor's office also did. We submitted the prior authorization (which they informed us that it will only be valid for 6 months but we should not have any problem re-submit it as the time get closer). IT was approved so my daughter went to the ORTHO to prepared for the surgery. As the date got closer, we submitted another PRIOR authorization as they told us to do so, then it was denied and said that we do not have such coverage. I call and the doctor's office call, my husband call his company (which the insurance thru my husband). Every time I talk to custmer service they said it was covered then I call the department that handle PRIOR AUTHORIZATION they said not covered and sometimes they hang up on me. Then, they told me since this is a new year my coverage for that procedure does not exist and if we have put the actual date then they would have cover it. We had the same insurance and make sure nothing was changed. So, some VIP call from CIGNA after I complain to the Better Business Bureau, but all he does is tell me that he is sorry that the employee at cigna has informed with wrong information. I am supposed to say oh, it is ok they make a mistake ... NOW I HAVE A BILL $20, 000.00 not $2000.00 but $20000.00 thank you. even now they can not type up any claim that I have to submit by myself without we having to call at least 4 times before we get paid. It is very frustrating and they even tell me that it does not matter that the claim was put in wrong because I was not getting paid anyway. I just think there is something wrong with this country insurance company.

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        • Belleville Nov 27, 2013

          I got a call from AIL . She never told me the name of the company. So I called her back and got the name. I looked on bing to research it. Was not happy with what I found. BBB gave them a F and had an alert on there website. I am not going to waste my time. This makes me so upset. When someone is trying to find a job and they are going to do nothing but waste your time. I have no intention of going to the interview they are just wasting my time.

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        CignaIgnorant of own policies

        At prompting of Human Resources (which assured us that Cigna was just like United Healthcare only a tiny bit cheaper), I switched last year. HUGE mistake!!! Had a referral to a specialist. Was told none such existed in our town. Doctor said yes...he'd sent others there. Cigna said no. Went straight to the specialists and they said they do take Cigna and have several patients there with the same insurance. Called Cigna again, they said they don't show that specialty but they do have the doctor's office as being in-network...even though that is his ONLY specialty. Now 4 months later, I go to get my diabetic test strips only to find that I have a 50 dollar co-pay. UHC had a special diabetes program that offset the price of the co-pay and brought it down by 30 dollars each month. So I call Cigna to see if they have a similar program. OMG...let the headache begin. First of all, I was transferred around (or occasionally hung up on) 9 times. More numbers and departments and assurances that this was going to be the department with all the answers...sometimes transferring me BACK to the same department I just spoke with two operators before. Yes, we have a's called a Wellness Team. No, we don't have a program but you might want to check with the pharmacy about discounts via mail order husband gets his that way. No, we don't have no discount mail order testing strips, let me refer to this number. Call number which says "this service is not available." Call again. We have a Personal Health Team that we can set you up with but they have to call you. In the meantime, I can transfer you to the benefits line to see what exactly you're qualified for b/c they can pull all that up. I say o.k. and she transfers me to the exact same line I spoke with three operators ago. He tells me that I need to call the Healthy Rewards department and that they can offer special deals and coupons (not at all what I was asking). I tell him I was told he can look up exactly what coverage and programs I was eligible for and he tells me that I absolutely want this department because they handle all of this sort of stuff. I call and the automated menu has absolutely no option of diabetes. It says stuff like laser eye surgery, chiropractic issues, and stop-smoking programs. When I don't choose an option (because there is not one for my issue) it says "we cannot help you...goodbye."

        I'm sick of this stupid company. No one knows what the hell they're talking about. It's worse than one of those Indian call centers for satellite television or computer services. Come October (open enrollment) I'm switching back and warning all others to stay the hell away. These people couldn't find their own rear ends with both hands searching.

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          Cigna Healthcare — PHT program

          My employer uses CIGNA Healthcare to administer its self-paid health insurance plans. Recently my wife and I...

          homeland healthcare/cignacaused us a nsf charge @ bank

          I've spoken to several supervisors at homeland healtcare, mailed and faxed proof of my complaint about their agents, who ran a postdated check earlier than agreed and caused us to have a nsf charge at the bank. Noone has reimbursed us, like they said they would once they recieved proof. The last advocate I spoke to was Sharon, and as usual no positive result from a error on homeland healthcares part. I received a phone call from a Brittany saying, she was going to see what happened with that. I would never purchase or recommend anyone to do business with this company, ever.The inappropiate misuse of our postdated check was a red flag.

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            Cigna InsuranceBio-metric Screening Problems

            I am on my wife’s health insurance, which she pays for out of her check each month, hers is covered by the employer.I go to our Doc a couple of times a year to keep up with colesterol, bp and what ever else needed.We were told that Cigna was having a biometric screening for 2 days next week and that it was manatory for all employees and spouses on the plan to attend or be denied further coverage.I don’t think its the place for a provider or employer to be telling me to get my colesterol, bp, body mass and glucose checked when I have a doctor for that.Further more, if I try to refill a bp or colesterol med a few days too soon, cigna makes me wait to get it later.

            But they bombard my home phone and mail box with info about how they can save me money on my meds through them and they can even send me a 90 day supply by mail.Total corparate garbage.I don’t trust my mail carrier to get it to the correct address and I choose to support my local mom and pop pharmacy.I am considering dumping Cigna to let my wife bring home that $250 every month that she has been spending and get my meds at local grocer for $4each.I am not a Sheeple

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              Cigna Financial AdvisorsFraudulent access of personal credit report

              I have had two requests for my Expeiran credit report 11/27/2011, both requests as coming from me. I have NOT requested an Experian credit report before today. The address given for these requests is:
              18500 Von Karman Ave, Suite 400
              Irvine CA 92612 No phone number was given.
              My Chase Visa credit card also showed a charge from Experian on the same date, which prompted me to examine my report.

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                CignaDisability Insurance

                I am angry and want people to know what CIGNA is doing. I know the lawsuits, court documents and horror stories found on the Internet are not imaginary. As CIGNA has done with so many others: My short-term disability was denied for no good reason. I have the same story as everyone else does: PAPERWORK! I think if anyone mentions paperwork to me again, I will scream! I will not bore anyone the rest of the details, just go to complaint boards and websites and read what others have said. I suggest that everyone who has been wronged by this company go to every media organization they can think of, the more complaints the better. You should also go to your state Insurance Commission. Last resort: I have been forced to hire an attorney.
                I am on the verge of losing my job & am in severe financial distress due to this company denying me.

                Furious in Indiana

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                  • Da
                    Danielle Hammers Oct 24, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    My name is Steven Ross
                    I live in Huntington Texas and I have Cigma StarPlus and they give me the run around. There are to many authorizations when the doctor need to see me and it out of the way. Everything has to be contacted through the insurance but what doesn't make any since; is what needs to be done has to be approved first and it takes to long, and they say there is not enough information but how can they have enough information when they cant get what they need like MRI's or examples cat scans or blood work approved to know what there treating the client for. I think you should approve that stuff because then the doctor would know what to treat the new client for . Then they could do the special authorization as needed. It also seems like they pick and choose who they want to be there carrier for the people to go to . Like in Beaumont its out of network and its hard to find anyone to take the insurance to begin with. The insurance got me that doctor Les Goodman but they say Les Goodman is out of network but he takes my insurance but so what does the insurance do? It seems like they choose who they want to work with, if they take the insurance why is he out of network with him? I would like it if someone would really look into this.

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                  • Fu
                    furious in indiana Dec 06, 2011
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    None needed. That says it all about Cigna. People need to go to the media.

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                  • Do
                    Down, but not yet out in MN Nov 19, 2011
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I to am another victim of Cigna, I am unable to work due to a progressive form of RA which has been non responsive to treatment with numerous other secondary disease complications. Upon my initial phone conversation the 1st question I was asked was does your Dr. think this will be a short or long term leave? I now realize that is their first determining factor for if we will be approved or denied. My reason for denial is my Dr did not supply enough evidence of disability. I asked them to please call my Dr to ask specifics and with much arguing they agreed and let me know that they are going the extra mile doing so. 24 hrs later I was informed my case was closed due to lack of evidence, I asked if they spoke to my Dr they said no we gave her 24 hrs to respond and they had not heard from her, I found out later my Dr was not in office that day.
                    I could go on forever with numerous unprofessional practices I have endured but it would take
                    far to long, but I will say I have contacted an attorney and my hopes are Cigna will not get away with this totally criminal business practice they are subjecting those of us that paid for what we thought of as security if God forbid we found ourselves in a time of need. Please to everyone else that Cigna is criminally victimizing in this way, get a lawyer now, stand up for yourself and all of Cigna's victims and fight! Let's all not let them get away with this.
                    Down, but not yet out in MN.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  CignaDeliberately Delay Claim Payment

                  Here's a letter I just wrote to Cigna. Sorry for the length, but the word needs to get out:


                  I cannot begin to describe the grief that the incompetence and apathy of your company has caused me. Anecdotal evidence STRONGLY suggests, and the shared experience of EVERY provider I spoken to indicates, that you guys DELIBERATELY delay claims. It's part of your ###ing business model. You factor in a percentage of people who will just give up after being denied so many times. Let me be clear: I am not one of those people. I pay for your ### insurance with the expectation, crazy as it might sound, that you will keep up your end of the bargain, and I WILL NOT stop until I am reimbursed the money that is due to me.

                  Here is a not-so-brief history of the fraudulent tactics Cigna has used to delay payment of my claim:

                   I submitted 10 dates of service spanning from 10/15/10 to 5/27/11 over two months ago.

                   Cigna Delay tactic #1: The claims were rejected because my provider had not included his taxpayer ID #. There is NO REASON for you to require it. I paid him; I'm the one that needs to be reimbursed. Monies he received from me are a matter between him and the IRS. But I acceded to your ridiculous demand, and the taxpayer ID was provided. Your representative assured me that I’d be reimbursed in a matter of days. Except…

                   Cigna Delay Tactic #2: The claim was rejected a second time because Cigna claimed that my provider was a member the Value Options Plan. I don’t know where the hell you got that one, but it was ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. My provider, Bruce W. Spring, doesn’t even take insurance. I insisted on staying on the phone with one of your reps while she called Value Options. A Value Options rep informed her that Bruce Spring WAS NOT a member of the Value Options network.

                  Everything should be okay, right? Smooth sailing from here on in, huh? I was even given the name and number of a Cigna supervisor – Allen Young; [protected]) – who promised to expedite the matter. He made it sound like he had a whole crew of people tidying up those claims for me, ready to throw them in the mail. Except…

                   Cigna Delay Tactic #3: I needed to sign and fax a claim form stating the money was to be paid to me, not the provider – even though it says on the ###ing statement that the provider has been paid in full and that insurance companies should pay the patient (ME). Okay, fine. I signed. I faxed. But then…

                   Cigna Delay Tactic #4: After not hearing from Allan for a while, he finally called me back to tell me that since parts of the statement I submitted were handwritten by the provider, I would have to provide Cigna COPIES OF THE CANCELLED CHECKS I wrote to Dr. Spring. This was no small task, but I sucked it up, downloaded PDFs of 12 checks I’d written and emailed them to him. This was Friday 11/4.

                  I heard back from Allan yesterday, 11/7, saying that he was still working on it, but had no idea when I’d be paid. We’re not talking a couple hundred dollars here. We’re talking almost $3500.00 of out-of-pocket expenses. We’re talking money I was counting on – money I was promised – to pay bills.

                  I see all the happy, smiley faces on your website, so it seems that you guys are somewhat concerned with brand image. Let me tell you what images are conjured in my mind when I think of Cigna: a steaming pile of ###, a cancer, raw sewage.

                  I’m submitting this note to your website, but I’m also submitting my experience to every anti-insurance website I can find. I WILL NOT STOP spreading the word until I am paid in full. You are a problem that needs to be fixed, and I swear to you that I will do my part to make sure it happens.


                  George Richards

                  P.S. For those who’ve had similar experiences and would like to vent, I’m including the Cigna Supervisor’s contact information. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d like to share their frustration with him.

                  Allen Young

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                    • Fu
                      furious in indiana Dec 06, 2011
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      People need to go to the media over this company.

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                    CignaEveryone is giving me different information

                    Cigna informed by phone before I went ahead with the Final Partial (lower right side ) they would cover the whole amount for the partial to the Dentist ($792). Cigna paid to the dentist $529. When I went to the dentist they told me I had to pay $250. I was surprised!! As I needed it, I payed. Immediately I phoned Cigna and they told me because they paid for the flipper in December (Temp partial) $267 they would not pay of the rest of the partial which is $267 (amount paid by me US$250). which I was never informed either by the Cigna or Dentist!!

                    When I phoned CIGNA they told me they will look into it. I phoned again spoke to a Manager and they told me they are going to send the cheque $267 to the Dentist. Up to know nothing. I phoned again now they tell me they wont pay!!and give me various excuses!!!

                    Am leaving to Brasil on Wed the 14th April (my mother is very sick) and wont be able to phone long distance. I wanted this problem to be solved before I go. CIGNA told me when I spoke to one of the Managers that they would take care of it righ away!! Phoned again, again everyone gives me different information!!

                    Some of the personnel in Customer Services hund up the phone, I phoned back irritated they she told me to calm down (repeating couple of times!!!) I told her just put me through a Manager!!

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                      • Cl
                        Clei Mize Feb 09, 2012

                        They are liars and they never tell the truth. they keep telling lies just to please the member. I am not satisfied with the kind of services they are rendering to their members. Just like my case I am calling US almost 5 times a day just for them to reissue the payment of my claims but until now they never done it.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Cigna Disability — STD Denial

                      My wife had surgery which resulted in a great amount of pain that she continues to life with. She went to...

                      CignaDisability bad faith company

                      My Husband has Crohn's Disease. Has had it for many many years. In March of 2008 he was diagnosed with Recurring Pyoderma Gangrenosum. He then developed a massive DVT in the same leg. We would later learn he has Vascular Disease. My husband is 46 years young.

                      Cigna paid one day of Small Term Disability stating that Mike had a staph infection which had healed. Completely ignoring the medical data about his Chrons, PG and DVT. Mike went back to work. He spent the next 15 months on and off STD trying to return to work, the PG continuously try to take his leg, until he finally wound up in the hospital. Through this time it became completely obvious that Cigna was doing their greatest to deny his claim. They would not recognize his illnesses, lose Dr. notes, not return phone calls from us or the Dr.'s and lose vital parts of Mike's file. His Dr. had to send the same Colonoscopy report 3 times. I was additionally told by Mikes case worker that if we wanted his Crohn's to be considered in his determination she would have to start a new case. This was a blatent disregard for ALL and ANY notes they had recieved. ALL of Mikes Dr. notes state CD first, then PG.

                      In December we received notification that Mike was now on Long Term Disability. By May they denied his claim. We were never told that Mike was under review for LTD. As a matter of fact, their rep from Life Insurance department told Mike he was not when he questioned. Verbally we were told that "weight loss" is a determination of wether CD is payable.

                      Verbally we were told that "weight loss" is a determination of wether CD is payable. We were told they needed labs, and that a colonoscopy report for 10 months prior is not soon enough. The American Cancer Society recommends a colonoscopy once every 2 years even for IBD patients. They want labs for PG, Cigna's Medical Encyclopedia states there are no labs for Pyoderma Gangrenosum.

                      We choose to appeal the choice and questioned for Mikes file. Cigna sent out a partial file until they learned that we had hired an attorney. In the file their nurse case manager wrote, "went out of work for a DVT now claiming Crohn's disease and Pyoderma Gangrenosum." Proving yet for a second time they are not reading the file, they are just "dumping" policy holders.

                      Cigna's Dr. evaluated Mike, after the determination was made. Said Dr. also teaches seminars on how to deny insurance claims. This same Dr. gave Mike a new JOB description, making it simpler to say he is not payable.
                      We have 5 specialist in 2 different states agreeing that if Mike should not return to work, he will lose his limb. Cigna says they cannot pay on a diagnosis, ignoring the prognosis.

                      the company is unethical and does not up hold contractual obligations. Why pay into something for 18 years when they are so keen to screw you if you get ill? We taped them, they will not longer speak to us without us agreeing not to tape. If they were behaving in an ethical manner we would not have to tape. youtube kimike1000.

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                        • Ke
                          Kele Sewell Jan 15, 2014

                          An outside source ruled that I am totally and permanently disabled and Cigna restored my status. They have acted very professionally since the reinstatement and are paying as the policy states.
                          Jeffery Kele Sewell, M.D., Pharm.D.

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                        • Ke
                          Kele Sewell May 19, 2013

                          Letter of Appeal

                          To; Cigna Insurance (Life Insurance of North America)
                          Coleen D.

                          From; Jeffery Kele Sewell

                          Incident # 2364076

                          Policy # LK0961402

                          I am writing to appeal your abrupt decision to discontinue my settlement payments on April 16th, 2013. I am disappointed in the manner in which my funding ceased and would have liked to discuss options about my future before being saddled with abrupt funding disruption. It was my impression that I was under an evaluation for promotion to any occupation coverage and without question my coverage would continue until July, 2013 (Last check in August, 2013). Without question, I cannot return to my prior occupation. You need to look more carefully at the Independent Medical evaluation as it precludes me from returning to work and the surveillance video in question shows no evidence contrary to my stated abilities.

                          Dr. Arant, Dr. Berard, Dr. Reid, Theresa Masek M.S., and Dr. Schacher have all arrived at the same conclusion; that I am disabled and cannot return to my regular occupation at this time. Yes, Dr. Schacher said that as well. His conclusion was on page 4 of the medical report under the CVA section, “most significantly, he has had short term memory loss manifested behaviorally as the transposition of numbers and data. He has discovered that he has paid some bills twice; he routinely misplaces items around the house and spends time searching for them.” Later he says, “He has noticed at times that he suddenly cannot recall simple medical terms.” On page 8 under cognitive complaints he concludes, “In my opinion, his hospital is unlikely to let him return to clinical practice without neurocognitive testing.” So, the Independent medical evaluation ruled that I cannot return to work, yet you(Cigna…LINA) have somehow concluded with the same data that I can return to work, and should have on April 17th, 2013. Dr. Schacher goes on to say, “These results would also impact whether he can be trusted to do sedentary activities, such as peer review.” So he concludes I am disabled for any occupation for which I am trained pending further testing. Instead of ordering further testing, you stop my benefits without notice or cause, resulting in great financial harm to my family and I and undue stress.

                          Theresa Masek, M.S. has been misquoted and her comments taken out of context in your denial letter. Her medical records clearly relate the following chain of events which happen as I try to perform the rigors of medical practice. WORK RELATED STRESS leads to ANXIETY ATTACKS causing PANIC ATTACKS(altering judgement) resulting in SPASMS OF MY CORONARY ARTERIES (Prinzemetal’s angina). Yes, they are periodic but they occur AS A RESULT OF WORK, and since I cannot work I have less anxiety( less need for therapy as well). Conclusion; I cannot work in a stressful job such as my prior occupation.

                          Dr. Arant (Cardiologist) has been very clear in his notes and letters about the risk of coronary spasms and the potential disastrous results. Spasm can lead to myocardial infacrction and death if unabated. Work related stress has and will lead to worsening of the condition. With the last medication changes, however, I am less likely to have angina unless I am submitted to serious conflict such as my ongoing financial burden and uncertain future.

                          Thanks to Dr. Reid my Asthma has stabilized. My exacerbations are infrequent and sits low in the scaled reasons for my disability. However, as he has said in his letters, it plays a role in my overall inability to function.

                          Contrary to your belief, my medical problems do not exist in separate columns and paragraphs but inside my mind and body. Dr. Berard, my Internist, prescribes the SIXTEEN MEDICATIONS which he feels are required to maintain my current level of health. He feels that taken in total, all of my health problems absolutely make me un-employable. Fatigue and memory loss have plagued me most recently as the sum total result of all infirmaries and medications.

                          Dr. Berard and Dr. Bob N. (Neurology) cared for me after my stroke in August of 2011. If you recall, I was working part time when this occurred! Dr. Bob N. labeled the CVA a thalamic infarct. He felt that I would get better and thank GOD I have improved. I was on a walker for several months, then a cane, then a cane to be used as needed. (I have shared that in all of my reports). Thalamic strokes are not always readily visible on imaging studies. On some of my reports (MRI noted infarct in this area versus artifact) residual damage was noted, others it was not. Nevertheless, I still suffer neuropathy on my left side and weakness in my left leg. I struggle mightily with stairs and have learned how to compensate. When I am fatigued, the weakness presents itself greater. The cause of the CVA is unknown but one Neurologist, Dr. Hard, (Harbin Clinic Rome, Ga.) discovered an extremely low Vitamin D3 level, which has been implicated in strokes at very young ages. This, along with severe sleep apnea and Blood pressure spikes likely caused the stroke. I have had workups for Amyloidosis, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis looking for etiologies and trying to develop a preventative plan. None were revealing.

                          The unidentified object that I was carrying into the track meet in Birmingham, Alabama (I was followed from Bremen, Ga. To Birmingham, Alabama on February, 10th) was a plastic bag with Fierce Strawberry Gatorade and one half empty diet Sunkist. (My Daughter reminded me what I was carrying on that day). Combined weight of the now identified object was about 38 ounces, or 2 pounds and 6 ounces. I think my camera was in the bag as well and it weighed about 10 ounces….so the actual weight was about 3 pounds. This weight does not exceed the 10 pound light occupation limit. My cellular phone weighs about 5 ounces and picking it up is not difficult for me. I can even talk on it and move my arm with a fluid motion. I am right handed and likely did not use my left hand to make a fluid motion with the device.

                          I find it interesting that in the 90 plus minute time period that the only time I was filmed was when I got out of my car at the meet. Was I using my cane to walk to the car from my house or when I stopped at the store to purchase the Gatorade and Diet Sunkist on the way to the meet? Also, as I said earlier I do not use the cane every day and when I am fatigued I am more likely to need the cane. The track meet was early on the 10th and was long. The next day I was very tired from the drive and early awakening, so I needed the cane. The fact I was at the pulmonary specialist with a cane is irrelevant. The Pulmonologist is a lung specialist and cares little if I walk with a can or not. In fact, I have seen him several times without a cane in hand.

                          According to the light occupation definition which you provided in the letter, I am fully incapable of performing those tasks. The definition only accounts for the physical requirements of my own occupation and label them as light. In the last portion of the definition it points out that, the job requires working at a production rate pace entailing the constant pushing and/or pulling of materials……..I cannot physically perform these duties at a production rate for a 10 plus hour day as is the case with a primary care physician.

                          Dr. Schacher reviewed an orthopedic office visit from 3/7/2012. I saw Dr. Colpini (I believe it was him. Please look at the note) because I was trying to walk without my cane and I fell and injured my foot and shoulder. No fracture was noted but I was instructed to use my cane.

                          I had a TIA in 2007. In August of 2011 I then had a CVA. Luckily, I have partially recovered. This occurred while I was working part time. My concern is what will happen to me if I have another neurological event? I do not want my family to be saddled with the duties of caring for me if I survive a catastrophic stroke!

                          What you are asking of me defies the standards of your industry. A primary care physician in my area is on partial disability for a TIA alone! He has nothing else wrong with him. He is only allowed to work part time because of the risk of another TIA or worse a CVA. You all want me to return to full time duty as a primary care physician with a stroke risk monumentally higher than my colleague.

                          The definition of a disabled physician is: one that renders he or she incapable of providing proper care for one’s patient. This may be due to physical and/or mental illnesses. This includes being present on a daily basis and being able to handle all facets of the job which include long and rigorous hours with mental and physical fatigue being common. If a physician cannot be at work at least 90% of the time, then she is disabled. Last week, I would have missed three days with a kidney stone. This week I would have been out with chest pain and shortness of breath. Fatigue causes me to take frequent naps and peripheral neuropathy pain keeps me from resting properly, making the fatigue worse. I cannot tolerate medications such as Nuvigil (caused suicidal thoughts) so I depend on my CPAP machine alone to treat my severe sleep apnea. So as you see, I am very much disabled and incapable of serving the dire needs of a busy medical practice.

                          Dr. Schacher rated my mood as anxious at the exam. He agreed with Theresa Masek that I have a significant anxiety disorder as evident by his examination and the records that were reviewed. He recommended further testing to determine the nature of the anxiety and if it effected my short term memory… fact he again recommended further neuro-cognitive testing.

                          Dr. Schacher during the Independent Medical Examination noted that I have a weakened left lower extremity with both motor and sensory deficits. His examination confirms weaker dorsiflexion of my left foot, weaker left quadriceps muscles, sensory deficits over the dorsum of the left foot, anterior tibial surface, and around the left thumb. He makes no statements regarding how much he thinks I can lift and he never said that I can lift and carry up to 25 pounds and push or pull up to 20 pounds. He never said I can climb stairs and stoop! In fact, he noted that sometimes use a cane for balance and has particular difficulty climbing stairs. He does mention under the historical section where he asks how far I think that I can walk, etc…..that I said I could lift a certain weight with certain hands. This is subjective and not tested nor was my ability to stoop, walk, or perform any function (He simply asked questions).

                          The Independent Medical Examiners comments about the video only show observation of me walking a very short distances while carrying three pounds. What the heck does that prove? I am thankfully not in a wheel chair or on a walker any longer and yes I can walk, sometimes un-aided. If I had been climbing a tree, running, or fireman carrying a heavy friend, then I would concur that I am fully neurologically intact by video evidence only. The video is so un-revealing they have to embellish about a plastic bag and a cell phone.

                          Dr. Schacher, at your behest, concludes that I may not even be fit for sedentary duties such as peer review unless I have neuro-cognitive testing. It is so obvious that I cannot work my own occupation that he moves to the next and lower functional level to make comments about my potential. He then concludes that I need further testing before being trusted with any cognitively challenging work.

                          One of the people on your list who reportedly reviewed my case was the Vocational Rehab specialist. I had two conversations with one of the female specialist last year. The first was an introductory call notifying me of the existence of the Rehab service and some of the things that they could provide and the second was a follow up call. On the first call she said, “we know you cannot return to practice, but we can come in and set up a home office and find you work that you can do at home.” The last words she spoke to me where, “It looks like you are going to be one of our long term clients.” I agreed with her as my contract states that I have to be able to make 80% of my previous earnings in order to be rendered fully able to work. She and I concurred that was not possible with my health issues.

                          Please look for upcoming faxes from Dr. Berard, Dr. Arant, and Theresa Masek. One week is not enough time for busy physicians to respond to a request such as the one you sent.

                          In conclusion, I am asking you to re-instate my benefits and to re-open my claim. I am clearly and unequivocally fully disabled and cannot work any occupation let alone my own.

                          Jeffery Kele Sewell, M.D., Pharm.D.

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                        CignaDenied Life Saving Surgery

                        My health insurance through my job is Cigna. I need a procedure in which my insurance company will not approve because they say it is not fda approved. Recently I learned that another patient who also has cigna was approved for the exact same procedure but yet I was told by Cigna customer service on several occasions that this was not fda approved and Cigna would not approve it for anyone. I do not know about you but this sounds like the truth is that this is an expensive procedure and that is why they are dancing around the real reason for the denial it is expensive. I guess the CEO who makes millions of dollars every year does not want anyone to cut into that.

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                          Cigna InsuranceClaim for Injury to my Foot

                          I agree that Cigna is a terrible insurance company. I am a health care provider and I recently sustained an injury to my right foot awhile back. First thing that I did was try to get an MRI for it! I worry that if I had a suspected nodule that needed to be biopsied they would not allow it to happen. I guess by allowing people to remain ill and eventually die, Cigna insurance company can keep the insurance claims down. Way to go Cigna, thanks for taking care of my insurance claim to the injury in my foot!

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                            Cigna Insurance — Back Surgery Denied

                            Needed back surgery and it was denied because Cigna decided that the procedure was expermental. So after alot...

                            CignaRip off

                            My husband has Cigna Health insurance from his employer and we have had nothing but misery from them.

                            Claims are not paid. Huge deductibles ($4, 000 for our family)and we are not able to see our family physician of 12 years. To see our family Dr. we have a $6, 000 deductible and then they MAY reimburse us around 20% of their ALLOWABLE expense.

                            They sent a list of medications that are only covered if you buy from their mail order pharmacy. However you must pay up front two months co payments for a 3 month supply. One of my medications they only allow a 5 doses per lifetime. The cost is under $5 a dose at my local pharmacy. I have allergies to some dyes and fillers so therefore Cigna claims my meds are no longer generic but instead name brand and subject to a $60 monthly co payment even though they are generic brands. They justify this by saying anything is name brand if you can not use whatever they happen to have on their shelves at the time.

                            Cigna has made the cost of my prescriptions so expensive that I can no longer fill them. It would be over $700 a month. My blood pressure and blood sugar meds I am suppose to take them twice a day, instead I can only take them once every two days. My breathing medications are no longer affordable at all. Turns out it is cheaper to land in the ER 3 times a month than take my meds. When I argued with them on my non narcotic pain meds that they only allow 5 doses per life time they suggested I get a medical marijuana card. My diabetes testing supplies are considered name brand because there are no generics. Therefor test strips are $60 a month and lancets are another $60 a month for their PREFERRED BRAND All from their mail order pharmacy.

                            My family Dr:. can not get on their preferred provider list because they have enough family Dr's in the area|. In the area I live in many of their providers are the health department limited care clinic providers".

                            I have not had one claim I did not have to argue for months". Then they denied all claims back to February claiming we did not have former credible coverage with my husbands former employer". Cigna was the pharmacy carrier for the former employer!. Now I am suppose to write to Cigna and get a certificate of creditable coverage and mail it back to them????

                            This POLICY runs at $1, 500 a month and we are not allowed to opt out". What a rip off for no coverage.

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                              • Ci
                                CIGNAQuestions Jun 29, 2011
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I apologize for all your frustrations with your CIGNA plan. If we can help in any way, please send email with questions/concerns to [email protected]

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Cigna$ Taken from HSA, Vendor Not Paid, $ not Returned to Us

                              My husband's employer began using Cigna as a health insurance provider in 2011. We also have an HSA for the first time this year.
                              In mid-February I had 2 claims, one on 2-15, the other on 2-17. Our deductible had not yet been met so both of the claims were sent to our HSA account for automatic payment. At total of $1, 566.07 was deducted from our HSA account for pay ent to the providers.
                              In early March I was told by one provider that they hadn't received payment and were trying to work with Cigna in order to verify an EFT payment. In late April I received a bill from the other provider showing no payment had been received by them either.
                              I called Cigna on 4-27 and was told by Consuela that they were working with the first provider (I'll call them Provider A) to track down the payment. Provider A, I was told, was being connected with a Cigna online business site that would allow the provider to track down all necessary information themselves.
                              Re the payment to provider B, I was told that an EFT payment had been made and was transferred to Chase (who runs the HSA) for further information. Chase informed me that everything Consuela had just told me was incorrect and that once Cigna debits my HSA account Chase can no longer see what happened to the funds.
                              So I called Cigna back and talked to Yolanda. She supposedly put in a request to get information as to how payment was made to Vendor B. She said that she hoped to get a response that day, or the next day at the latest, and would call me the following day with news.
                              Yolanda did not call me back so on the afternoon of 4-28 I called Cigna and this time spoke with Ray Lynn. She could see Yolanda's inquiry but said it looked as if it went to the wrong department. She said that she would put in a new request for tracking and would call me back on Sunday or Monday. She did not call me back.
                              I called Cigna again on 5-1 and spoke with Elia who sent me to Mandy who, before I could stop her, sent me to Chase where I was told the same thing I was told before--Chase can't help me once Cigna debits my account.
                              SO, I called back to Cigna again and spoke with Julie. She said that she could not see a payment being made in her system and that 'we are waiting to hear from that department'. I was supremely frustrated at this point and asked for a supervisor.
                              I was given to a supervisor named Jeff Ellison. He said that he would find out if funds were paid to vendor B. If not, the funds that were taken from my account would be credited. If a payment was made he would get me the check clearing info. I thought...finally, I'm getting somewhere...but I was wrong.
                              When I spoke with Jeff Ellison again on 5-4 he said that he could not find any record of payment having been made to Vendor B. He said that he would update the service request so that the money would be credited back to my HSA. He said that he would have verification within 24-48 hours and would call me back by that Friday, May 6th.
                              Jeff didn't call me on Friday the 6th or Monday the 9th. I left him a voice mail on the 10th and on the 11th. Late in the afternoon of the 11th I got a call from Julie (apparently calling instead of Jeff). She told me that the payment matter was still under investigation. Cigna did take the money from my HSA and did not pay the provider, but that Cigna couldn't figure out where the money went. 'When the mystery is solved we will credit your account'. At this point I was fuming. I explained that I didn't care what Cigna had done with the money or that they needed to figure out the glitch in their system. They admitted to having withdrawn money from my account and having not paid the vendor. There is no reason for further delay, I said, pay me back! She was so sorry, she said, but they were 'working' on it and she couldn't give me a date by which I would be credited.
                              On 5-16 I touched base with Vendor A to see if their payment issue had been solved. Big surprise, it had not. they had gotten online with Cigna's Business Services site but all the information that they could see was 'payment was made on X date'. No payment details or an audit to show which account the payment went into. As the provider said, "Cigna has been less than helpful."
                              I tried to reach Jeff Ellison again and could not--only voice mail. So I called the main number and asked to speak to another supervisor. I was transferred to Gracie Lewis. She listened to my story with a mixture of horror and disbelief. She kept saying, "that just doesn't sound right that we would have taken money out of your account, not paid the vendor and drug our feet in returning your money." She apologized for Cigna's behavior and said that she would do some research, get things straightened out and call me the next morning.
                              5-17: Gracie didn't call me this morning. I called her and she returned my call. She said that she is working with the client service partner (my husband's employer?) and her financial services department. It is confirmed that no check went out to Vendor B...yet, she cannot tell me when I will have my money back.
                              I explained to her that, in my eyes, Cigna's actions translate to theft and said that if any banking institution took $1566.09 from my checking account and refused to return it I would have solid grounds for legal action--same here--and I'm considering it.
                              She said that she was working really hard to get this resolved...blah, blah, blah. I explained that I had gotten that same story from every person I have talked to over the previous 3 weeks and that as 'hard as everyone is working on it' nothing is being done. She said that she 'escalated' the matter to a higher level. I asked if she was the first person to 'escalate' the situation and she said yes. If this is true, it's a clear sign of how terrible Cigna's customer service is. This should have been elevated to a high priority situation on 4-27 and should have been resolved within a couple of days. Instead, the issue was passed around and ignored. I'm not hopeful that dealing with Gracie will be any different. I told her that I read Cigna's Ethics Policy online and got a huge laugh about their dedication to 'fair treatment of customers' HA! I have never been treated so poorly by any company in my life. Frankly, never imagined that treatment like this was possible.
                              NOTE: I asked what was happening with the payment to Vendor A. She said the investigation is currently on hold until the matter with Vendor B is solved...assuming Vendor B issue is solved they will use the same template to solve problem with Vendor A. if everything at Cigna were being done by hand with pen and paper in a back room. If they can't work on issues simultaneously they are operating in the dark ages. IMO, they are simply not in a hurry to refund my money because...they don't have to be. And that's what makes me the most angry. We are financially well off, but I know that this kind of gross incompetence could wreck some families with big medical bills and shaky credit. Absolutely, totally and completely disgusted with Cigna.

                              The consequences of this clustered mess is that we have medical bills that are due...and in some instances past due...that we will either need to pay for out of pocket (and therefore lose the advantage of paying with pre-tax dollars with funds from our HSA) or risk having damage done to our credit...all because Cigna has taken our money and refused to return it.
                              If anyone out there in HR is considering using Cigna, I can say loudly and clearly RUN THE OTHER WAY if you value your employers and their time and sanity.

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Cigna Health insuranceRun around, denials, lies.

                                Although I'm covered for hearing tests and hearing aids, I'v been denied serveral times. All the calls made to CIGNA's telepone service reps were encouraging in that I was covered and that I should have had the Hearing aids paid for soons. Even though the service reps seemed honest, the bottom line is that still after serval months I received another denail. My company Con Edison of NY switched from United Health Care to CIGNA and it''s been the worst experianc ever. I need to contact an Governmental Agency or a lawyer because I'm fed up !

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