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Cigna / A company without ethics and care

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Cigna, you should be ashamed of how you conduct business. My sister nearly had a nervous breakdown. Her doctor has sent in medical notes numerous times, but guess what, Cigna has no record. She has no received no check since the beginning of January and it is now May! Her case manager has been changed numerous times without notice. My sister can't get her meds on a regular basis and suffers from sever depression. She needs her disability pay in order to get proper treatment. Cigna needs to be sued and it seems as if a class action law suite would be fine. My prayer is that God destoys this company.

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  • Sh
      31st of Aug, 2013
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    This is just the start of the trouble they will drag you through. I DID break and was hospitalized. Cigna will purposely lose paperwork, case worker won't be available or suddenly they switch you, non stop behavior reports, required appointments, and they WILL eventually find weakness in somebody's reports. It won't matter if you have mental issues or medicine issues that cause missed deadlines or misunderstandings. I kept 3 ppl at all times on my cases communications. I have ADHD and I can forget or misunderstand easily. I did this for my own reminders, but it turned out to be proof of just how far they will go to deny benefits. I can go on and on... I fought until time ran out on my FMLA. They would deny, pay, deny the next month so I'd have to appeal, then pay, then deny again. Horrific when they cause trauma in an already traumatized mental case seeking help. I am still reeling from the expenses, exacerbated my disability, killed my career, and they made me feel like a pathetic liar. I was sick of talking about how sick I am and trying to prove it when I needed to just get the focus on healing and depressurizing my symptoms. I did not get that opportunity through them. They gave me more problem than help. Now that it's over I am highly interested in making sure others do not have to go through what I did blindly and feeling alone. My thoughts are with your sister. Stay strong she'll need you

  • Bl
      9th of Jan, 2014
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    Oh, do I ever agree ! I am going through a very similiar situation with Cigna Short Term Disability. My issues were medicalb but they treat me just the same. I submited all the paperwork the requested. My employer approved me for FMLA leave, but I didn't hea anything from them. When I called to check the status of my claim they kept telling me my doctor had not sent my records. The last time I tried my doctors office saidnhey could prove they had faxed the records on four separate occasions and, basically did feel they should have to keepfaxing them. it has been very frustrating and ruined me financially.
    On a brighter note, I am back to work now, but still have never received a dime from Cigna. I keep trying, but who knows.

  • Ul
      17th of May, 2017
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    My story is too long to write but it follows those lines. Can we take this further? I have the time ...

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