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Complaints & Reviews

denial of claim

Years of paying for insurance in case of disability. Cigna paid the short term disability but when it turned into long-term, they terminated the long-term at the first follow up. Even though Social Security found permanent disability, CIGNA knows better and terminated payments. Reason? The mental health clinician used the term stable in her confidential medical records (stable in this case meant condition quit deteriorating when employment stopped) and a note indicating 8 hours of volunteering A MONTH! Wow, ability to volunteer 4 hours for two days of the month means able to work 320+ hours/month. Smart folks there at Cigna.

  • An
    angrybear865 Apr 27, 2011

    Have you pursued this matter legally? What's been the outcome? I too am going through this very same thing. Have had short term for almost a year now. Ready for it to roll into long term...BAM! you are not approved even though I received a letter in November saying I was approved. Please let me know what's going on. Maybe a class action suit needs to be filed against CIGNA!

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refusal to pay claims

Iretired from Schlumberger and for 13 years they deducted $56 a month for a CINA policy to cover the 20% of the medical bills since medicare pays 80%. I paid $9128 for this insurance. The polecy book states that CIGNA would pay the total 20% after I paid $2000 out of pocket. When I sent copies of the hospital bills that showed I paid more that $2000 thay continued to reject the bills as not covered. I sent in the hospital bill to the CIGNA claims office that showed I paid $5, 847.44 but they seaid I had not exceeded $200. Where I went to school, 5847.44 was greater than 200.
Over time CINA rejected bilss for over $20, 000 as not covered. This does not go away I had to pay the hospital all bills that CIGNA refused to pay. It seems that the medical policy with CIGNA wsa a total fraud and they actually paid nothing, this fraud cost me over $30, 000 before I got Schumberger to stop taking money from my retirement for so called madical insurance..

denial of procedure

Each passing day I am grateful to God that I can still get up and go to work. Some days are better than...

Refused to pay

I was employed by Konica Minolta and my department was dissolved in January 2010. Konica paid for my insurance for 1 month and paid the supplemental cobra through ADP to Cigna. I am over 65 but because I was employed by a large company I paid $700 a month in premiums for me and my spouse. In February 2010 I fell and broke my knee. Cigna was still in force as the primary provider. They paid part and then demanded their money back from health providers, saying that because I did not carry Part B they were not responsible in any way for paying my claims. Medicare told me that as long as I was paying the insurance I would not need Part B

and after my layoff, I couldn't carry Part B and still keep Cobra. In May I started Part B, cancelling my Cobra, which was too expensive to maintain with the Part B premiums added. My daughter, who is a nursing home administrator has informed me that Cigna has the worst reputation in the health care community for paying claims and told me of her multiple experiences concering Cigna claims.

Bad service

I have fought Cigna for the last 9 months each time I visit the doctor. They try to deny. They postpone payments. Cigna also sends forms to get my doctor to fill them out so that they can try to deny all of my claims. Funny thing is I am healthy and am going for normal stuff. No surgery at all. Someone really needs to investigate this company please!

  • Ci
    CIGNAQuestions Jan 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Adan- I am sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. I would love to help. You can email me @[email protected] with your contact information and I will be more than happy to take a look. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Ca
    candace andersen Nov 28, 2011

    PublicCandace AndersenCigna GO YOU
    cigna : read you'r info :

    per you'r info: You do not trat people as individuals and you do not care about people as stated and the members such as I have found this out !

    cigna has had several class action law suits filed against them by physicians in many staes and I Hope that many more will follow suit especially utah after I talk to the attorney generals office.

    everyone who has cigna as a insurance company should go to youtube and look at the video ( cigna employee flips off mother of dead daughter ) as cigna refused a liver transplant for her daughter !!!

    I have been denied lumbar surgery repeatedly by cigna even tho I do meet all of there requirements and even had to put the appeals process in my back surgeons hands and cigna has upheld the denial at every appeal and now has sent it to imedic an external review process they use when a person and or physicians appeal thier denials, ( No doubt in my mind at this time that imedic is in cignas back pocket !!! ) Not only did cigna do this I also have uncoverd the fact that cigna has also neglected to send all of the updated info from my back surgeon to imedic, cigna has recieved over 100 pages of documentation and only sent 30 pages to imedic, so my physician/sugeion is sending the rest of the info !!!)

    cigna has also even denied a simple m.r.i. to another man who works for the same company that my husband works for which is (Bill Barrett corp) home office Denver colorado and Roosevelt utah.

    I also know that there are many people here in the basin having the same problem with cigna. cignappo, cignappogreatwest.

    I also fear that there are many more to come !

    If any person reading this doubts anything I have said then get on line and look up the youtubr video, also look up class action lawsuits filed against cigna, also go to consumer complaints and file a consumer complaint against them in the state you live if you have had the same problem with cigna, also check out the bonuses that cigna c.e.o. and other employees get while members are not recieveing the care that they are entitled to recieve !!!

    As a result of cignas delays, denials and upholding denials to each appeal process and then sending partial information to imedic we will be dropping cigna as our insurance through the company my husnand is employed!!! especially when we pay approximately 6, 000.00 per year in premiums to cigna and this is the harassing, denied medical we have recieved when I have met all the requested criteria !!!

    Good luck to who ever has cigna, but please do look into everything I have said !!!

    Sincerely :

    Candace andersen
    Roosevelt utah
    UnlikeLike · · 14 hours ago · You like this..

    Cigna GO YOU Candace-I'm very sorry for the different problems you have had with us. I would be more than happy to take a look at your account to see if there is anything more I can do for you. If you would like my assistance, please email me at [email protected] hours ago · LikeUnlike.Candace Andersen I also know that even fed ex which is a nationwide company has dropped cigna for the same reasons as I have a very close friend that worked for fed ex . Cigna is the problem, what do u think u can do for me that cigna has not already done to me !!! but I will e-mail you my member # and I bet my last dollar that you will do absolutely nothing accept uphold everything cigna has !!!about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.Candace Andersen I have kept notes on all that i have had to go through with cigna f.y.i.about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.Candace Andersen attached from ur info, what a joke and a lot of lies !!!about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.Candace Andersen also noticed that there is only a like button and no dislike button, Interesting !!!1about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.Cigna GO YOU Candace-I will be awaiting your response! As soon as I get your info I will be looking into your issues!30 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Candace Andersen You can copy this and i have already submitted my member I d #, just another form of delays I am sure ! and just in case you need to know my member id is 1006000224 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

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  • Ca
    candace andersen Nov 28, 2011

    my attitide is angry, bitter, towards cigna as I live in pain daily, I have had steroid injections and they can't be done anymore per Dr, Letters from primary care, physical therapy, chipractic care along with m.r.i.s and back surgeion have been submitted over 100 pages of documentation and cigna has mis handled my case intentionally, My first lumbar surgery was 1987 I did very well afterwards so it has definately been more than 6 mos per: cignas requirements also all other means of pain relief have been used as per; cignas qualification's I do not have a normal life any more and live on pain pills and muscle relaxers have even had to use duragesic patches in the past that i had an allergic reaction too.

    I am not happy at all with cigna and thier robbery of there members and the lies that they have put on thier info page and wall

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disbaility bad faith company

My Husband has Crohn's Disease. Has had it for many many years. In March of 2008 he was diagnosed with...

Failure to cover

I files a pre-insurance estimate for dental work from my dental plan and my wife's plan, where I am also covered. Cigna Insurance stated, in their pre-insurance estimate that they would cover their portion. I had the dental work done and now Cigna states they will not cover their portion since my insurance is the primary insurer, even though I am covered under a separate policy through my wife's plan and the premuims are paid each month. Cigna has always paid in the past years and now wants to change their policy even though they obligated themselves through a pre-insurance estimate. Cigna SUCKS as an insurance company and I would advise anyone looking to avoid this company. No wonder the government wants to change health insurance with companies like Cigna. They will take your premium, but not cover you when they say they will.

Customer Service gives wrong info

We were told by Cigna to go to an in network specialist. It would be a copay of 45 dollars. We go and the provider that was given was affiliated with a hospital so the hospital did their billing. The hospital bills cigna and we were billed towards our 500 dollar deductible instead of just a 45 dollar specialist copay. We were there before and it was just a copay but they made a mistake, Cigna said, and it should've been applied to our deductible. If that is so, why did Cigna tell us a 45 copay and give us the provider to go to?

mail service or insurance company

Does any one know what happens when the postal service is fraudently misplacing certain mail. My checks are...

Got full cover, but refused cover

I have had full cover for my dental insurance for many years now.
Every year we are told they don't cover this or that.

I did not buy insurance just for emergencies, I bought it to cover my dental plan.

Cigna Healthcare is not worth the monthly.

Your government should be ashamed for taking back hander's for this business to allow them
to refuse the insured and get bonuses for refusals. The more they refuse the more bonuses they get.

I am starting a smear campaign here in the Uk just for them.

Lack of Followup

I have been waiting to have surgery since July 2008. They keep requesting documents from my Dr & then don't follow up to see that they have them until I call the next time. In the meantime, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since June 2008 & either can't feel my left arm or have a left arm that is so painful, I am in tears.


If you think they treat their members poorly then you should really hear how badly they treat their...

Rip off company

I had a back operation on 04/29/08. I have paid for long term disability for CIGNa Insurance for 7...

No crutches after knee surgery

Cigna does not pay for crutches after knee surgery? Good Grief! So much for patient safety! I suppose they won't pay for the brain injury when my husband falls, hits his head, either! $15.00 for crutches vs potential fall related to safety of the patient. No sense in this at all!!

How on earth do insurance companies get away with the consumer rip off's they do? Surely there's an attorney the insurance company has tcked off in this population, or a relative of a ripped off consumer! It's time someone challenged these rip off insurance companies and the government start sending those in charge to jail.

A company without ethics and care

Cigna, you should be ashamed of how you conduct business. My sister nearly had a nervous breakdown. Her doctor has sent in medical notes numerous times, but guess what, Cigna has no record. She has no received no check since the beginning of January and it is now May! Her case manager has been changed numerous times without notice. My sister can't get her meds on a regular basis and suffers from sever depression. She needs her disability pay in order to get proper treatment. Cigna needs to be sued and it seems as if a class action law suite would be fine. My prayer is that God destoys this company.

  • Sh
    Shannon McNett Aug 31, 2013

    This is just the start of the trouble they will drag you through. I DID break and was hospitalized. Cigna will purposely lose paperwork, case worker won't be available or suddenly they switch you, non stop behavior reports, required appointments, and they WILL eventually find weakness in somebody's reports. It won't matter if you have mental issues or medicine issues that cause missed deadlines or misunderstandings. I kept 3 ppl at all times on my cases communications. I have ADHD and I can forget or misunderstand easily. I did this for my own reminders, but it turned out to be proof of just how far they will go to deny benefits. I can go on and on... I fought until time ran out on my FMLA. They would deny, pay, deny the next month so I'd have to appeal, then pay, then deny again. Horrific when they cause trauma in an already traumatized mental case seeking help. I am still reeling from the expenses, exacerbated my disability, killed my career, and they made me feel like a pathetic liar. I was sick of talking about how sick I am and trying to prove it when I needed to just get the focus on healing and depressurizing my symptoms. I did not get that opportunity through them. They gave me more problem than help. Now that it's over I am highly interested in making sure others do not have to go through what I did blindly and feeling alone. My thoughts are with your sister. Stay strong she'll need you

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  • Bl
    B.Leeve Jan 09, 2014

    Oh, do I ever agree ! I am going through a very similiar situation with Cigna Short Term Disability. My issues were medicalb but they treat me just the same. I submited all the paperwork the requested. My employer approved me for FMLA leave, but I didn't hea anything from them. When I called to check the status of my claim they kept telling me my doctor had not sent my records. The last time I tried my doctors office saidnhey could prove they had faxed the records on four separate occasions and, basically did feel they should have to keepfaxing them. it has been very frustrating and ruined me financially.
    On a brighter note, I am back to work now, but still have never received a dime from Cigna. I keep trying, but who knows.

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  • Ul
    Ulygar May 17, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My story is too long to write but it follows those lines. Can we take this further? I have the time ...

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Uses SSI information

I filed for Cigna disability and was told that I MUST file for SSI disability to get my Cigna claim. They then referred me to a "helpful" associate who assisted me in filling out the SSI claim. I just started to receive Cigna $, but denied SSI at this time. 1 week later I receive a call from this "helpful" person asking me the status of SSI, one week later I get a letter from Cigna and my employer that I will have to pay all my own insurance and no longer receive disability. Do not use Cigna's associate Advantage 2000, it is a scheme to get out of paying and to obtain personal information.

Cigna Dental stalls to avoid paying

They have been stalling for nearly a year on paying a small claim with no explanation and many promises that the claim will be paid. They haven't denied's simply gone into the system and no one can tell us why we haven't received a check. We've spent hours on the phone trying to get some action. We finally filed a complaint with the division of insurance and the company has already missed the first deadline to respond to the state and us. The claim is less than $200...the fine they are facing from the state is $500. Go figure. We've heard from others that Cigna Dental is HORRIBLE about this kind of thing. Tell your employer "no" if they want to switch to this plan.



Deceptive marketing practices!

I have had Cigna group insurance with the IEEE for over 15 years. In December 2006, CIGNA determined that all members plus their dependents will be forced out of the group when the member turns 65, without regard to the age or health of the dependents. My 63 year wife will be forced out of insurance and into the state high risk pool. No delay time, no COBRA, just out. The risk pool is high cost, high deductible, and low coverage and will not cover her bipolar condition.

An IEEE member for over 38 years

  • Jo
    Josh Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry to hear about that...however CIGNA terminates coverage when someone is approved for Medicare. If the prime holder on the account is able to get medicare the plan is stopped unless you pay for retiree accounts. However dependents (children) are only allowed until 23 if they are full time students.

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  • Ki
    kim lawhorn Sep 08, 2009

    i will that enough people would come forth to majorly move on this company cigna. multiplied thousands have been unfaairl and unjustly shafted to increase a bottom line. I say let's STAND UP CORPORATELY! I am ready to launch an all out assault through media, paper, etc. Who is with me? [email protected]

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  • Ul
    Ulygar Oct 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband has been paying premiums and was even issued a card- and Cigna says he has no coverage! What a scam! I hope there is a class action soon!

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