Church's Chicken / my g. m

I have been working for Church's Chicken for about 9 months . I was hired as a shift leader by the general manager at the time . I was trained for day shift and was in the process of training for nights when we got a new gm . Her name is Carolyn Washington . from day one she has done everything in her power to take my management position from me . I am the only white person working here until about two weeks ago. She finally just told me she didn't have time to train me and busted me down to cahier . I was never given a written or even verbal test to assess my skills as a manager . I have been told by several employees that she is very racist and just doesn't like me . our store is a franchise so I spoke with the owner and he said he would help me resolve the situation but he hasn't . things are getting worse for me due to the fact that she is now trying to turn my fellow employees against me . I can't afford to just quit but my work place has become a hostile environment for me . I need help

Mar 08, 2017

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