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Churchs Chicken / employees

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O n the night of febuary 18,2008 I went to the churchs chicken on east main street I saw on of the employees cooking chicken without using any gloves and that really bothred me,I asked if they had to wear gloves and he said no then the manger said the same thing as well, I am not in agreement with that because that is nasty to me.The manger also said thatis churchs policy not to wear gloves for chicken cooking.

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  • Al
      13th of Nov, 2008

    I worked at Church's Chicken and we were required to use gloves. We would even wear 2 layers of gloves sometimes, to keep them from ripping apart. I also worked at a Wendy's restaurant, and when i cooked the meats, we also didn't require gloves, and believe me when i started working there I had the same complaint. Rest assured, we are required to keep our hands clean at all times, personally i would wash my hands over 20 times during my shift, especially if i left the cooking area.

    *The following is MY opinion, not that of Church's Chicken or Wendy's, so don't quote me on this!*
    If your hands are clean, there's really no need to wear gloves. When you cook at home, i don't suppose you cook with gloves, do you? And i know, its not the same, we're dealing with OTHER people's food, but we are required, and we believe in keeping our hands clean at all times. Also, cooking is a fast-paced job, and i can't tell you how many times, while putting meats down on the grill, my fingers touched the 350 degree surface. You get used to it, after a while, but imagine if i were wearing gloves. The latex, or plastic, material of the gloves would instantly melt off and contaminate your food. Plus as soon as the tip of each finger's glove melts off, i'd need a new glove, which would mean further contamination to the meats.

    As you can see, its much safer for you to have a trained cook's unprotected hands in contact with your food, than to actually eat burned, melted latex with your meat. Same goes with the chicken in Church's. When putting the chicken in the fryer, often times oil splashes up and lands on your hands and arms. This could easily melt the plastic of the gloves, and contaminate your meat.

    *the following is also my opinion, since i no longer work at any of these restaurants*
    If the argument above doesn't do anything for you, think of it this way. The chemicals, preservatives, and other JUNK that goes into making JUNK-food is probably more dangerous than whatever may be on my hands (or sterilized gloves)

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  • Sn
      7th of Jan, 2009

    Are you insane? You could have TB or anything else floating around in your body. And you think we are supposed to be comfortable with someone not wearing gloves while handling our food. Please. It's people like you who give the food service business a bad rep, and justifiably so!!! Just listen to yourself.


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