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Chrysler / used car sale

1 61 College AvenueOrangeville, Ontario, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 5192151475

On June 2/2018 I took my son to the Bolton Chrysler dealer.
He saw a truck on line and he wanted to purchase it. it was listed for around $12/k.
my son who is in the army has been saving all his money to purchase his first pick up truck. We talked him into a Chrysler seance husband and I are Chrysler buyers. I just purchased my 4th Chrysler Jeep Cherokee. and my husband has only ever bought Rams. He is on his 3rd Ram,
We have never purchased used, but my son was buying a used one since he did not want a payment.
We get there and Chris shows us a truck, my sons takes a ride, comes back does not like it, tells Chris he really wants the one on the web that he saw. Chris says that you cant test drive it because it needs power steering. and told us that he would get it fixed and have it ready the following Friday(July 6th) to test drive. he asked us for a deposit of $2500, witch i put on my credit card, and he said that if he was not happy with the truck, that we would get our deposit back.
Friday came no call, I called him and he said it will be ready after 5 pm,
6 pm came no call My husband called and they said it will be ready Monday morning, it was ready around 5 pm after my husband called all day with no call back till 5 pm.
My son took it for a test drive and said the steering wheel was hard to turn, was not happy, the air conditioning did not work, Chris then said he will get it looked at, It should be ready by Tues afternoon.
That was today Tues July 10th, no call my Husband called them at 12/pm no answers to if it was ready, called back at 1 pm, no answer if it was ready, only when he called back at 5 pm and told Chris that he is buying another truck, did he take his call.
I just got home from work (11:30 pm) to find out what happened.
To get answers my husband told him he going with another car, and Chris started yelling at him on the phone, my husband could not believe the service this dealer ship was giving us, my husband had to tell him to shut up and stop yelling at him, Chris then said the truck will be ready tomorrow to test drive, and that he put in a lot of money to fix it.
My son now has no faith in this dealer ship and does not want to purchase from this Bolton dealer.
I cant believe that this is my sons first experience with Chrysler.
Now that he does not want to even test drive it again, we want our deposit back on my credit card, we cant believe this sales man not only gave us poor customer service but then turned around and yelled at my husband, we have been waiting for almost 12 days to test drive a car . Why would they have a car on the web for sale that is not drive-able?

Not happy at all and just want our deposit back please.

The truck : Dodge Ram Black
My sons name: Zackery James McCrudden
Address: 61 Collage Ave, Orangeville, Ontario
My Name: Carol McCrudden
cell # [protected]
My Husband Name: Frederick James McCrudden

  • Updated by Carol McCrudden, Jul 11, 2018

    Just cant sleep, because all this.
    Just wanted to fix a date on my post.
    At the top
    It wasn't June 2/2018 it was June 29/2018.
    was typing fast and missed the 9.

  • Updated by Carol McCrudden, Jul 16, 2018

    I have to say, I thought this was going to be a mess.
    BRIAN the General Manager of Bolton looked after us. He gave us 3 oprions, at the end he looked after us and we are now happy.
    Thank you Brian for keeping your word and helping us get our money back.

Jul 10, 2018

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