Took my 2018 Ram Truck in for routine service at New Smyrna Crysler Dodge on 7/24/18. I had the truck picked up my someone due to my work schedule or I would of raised the questions and concerns stated below in person versus over the phone. After arriving home the display stated front tire pressures at 82 psi and back tires at 59 psi. Truck states they should be the opposite at 60 psi for the front and 80 psi for the back. What was alarming is the service representative Michelle stated that the techs are taught to only inflait them to 60 psi unless requested by the customer to a different pressure. I asked why would they go against Ram's specifications and if that was the case why where the front tire pressures 20 psi over what they are taught to do. This Is major safety concern especially for the average person that is not mechanically inclined. I completely understand people do make mistakes but when I'm paying an expert to service my truck and then they go against the manufactures specifications it raises the question where the other manufactures procedures not followed. After switching from Daytona Dodge for lack of professionalism for service to New Smyrna Dodge I have lost all confidence with the service at both dealerships.

George Tichnell

Jul 24, 2018

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