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Chrysler Financial / harassing me for my payment that was not late

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Chrysler Financial applied my new lease payment to an old account, which was paid in full. The new lease payment was due 7/1. They received it 6/27. The payment was exactly the amount of the new lease. I received a statement on the old 36 month lease that I now had a credit of $19 following the 37th payment because the amount was greater than the scheduled (old) lease payment. At no time did they attempt to contact me that the old closed account was overpaid. Instead, they call twice a day demanding my account is 14 days past due! 14 days, mind you, not 30 or more. And they had the money 3 days prior the due date. They admit they applied it to the wrong account, but continue to call me two times a day. We are on call number 7. The incompetence and rudeness is astounding. When they read their own system, they agree it was their fault and they are "taking care of it", but nothing has been done and they continue to phone and blame in on the automated dealer. God forbid they actually know what they are calling about before they call. The dealer is extremely upset with their practices because he has to face the customers. In his words "they are so stupid"! I have never been late on any payment. How dare they be so outrageous to responsible customers? If I get another call tomorrow, I'm contacting the Attorney General's office.

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  • Mi
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    They are the worst company in the world. I hope they go broke!!! I have been a good customer for 15 years and they are bothering me because I am 17 days late.Not to nice either!!! Well, I am a business owner and know the law.I also contacted my attorney.I am looking to start a class action law suit against Chrysler Fin. Is anyone willing to join in?

  • Ca
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I would love to join a class action law suit against chrysler financial. They have constantly harassed me at every number possible. Just 1 or 2 days past the due date they start to call and demanded that I make a payment and told me that if I didn't set it up right there and then they were coming to take my car away. This is the worst company in the world to deal with. Its unfortunate because I love the jeeps but they re company I cant deal with. I hope they go bankrupt and fire all the rude people they have representing their company. Obviously its the way they teach their employees to be because its not just me or one other person complaining about these harassing calls its a lot of people who have the same complaint from different representatives.

    Please contact me if you or anyone you know would like to get this going.

  • Ba
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    You too!

    OMG! i cannot take the harassing and bullying anymore from them! It;s a disgrace. And the reps are down right rude and they try to put you down as a person!

    Email me!

  • Da
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    I am getting close to file a law suit against Chrysler and the Financial company. I purchased a 50k charger in 2005 and had no problems with them until the end of 2009. In matter of fact I would send extra cash to lower principal, by my calculations I was 10 months ahead on my loan. However when I lost my job and my wife fell ill with cancer, taking care of my wife was far mor important than paying my car. Then the calls started up to 20 times a day. They would call my home, my cell phone, my in-laws, my parents and even my part time job that I ended loosing because of personal calls. I tried to reason with them and inform them tha I was not wanting to pay, but if they gave me extensions until my Unemployment would come in I would pay them. However I asked them to stop the late fees seeing that I was ahead on the payment schedule, Mr.Toll actually laughed and asked me if I was slow. I threatened to sue him on emotianl distress he said he didn't care. This cat and mouse game continued until the end of 2010. I had sent them a letter demanding cease from calling, they claimed they never recieved it. I finally got tired of dealing with them, I was having insomnia, my BP had increased that I decided to get rid of the car. Two weeks ago I was in the bank when my friend's bank called Chrysler Financial and informing them that the car was sold and they would recieve payoff amount of 7600. Two day's ago, a tow truck showed up at my in laws and a note was left at my door, threatining me that if I hid the car Chrysler Financial would take legal actions and to top it off the calls have not stopped. I spoke to a lawyer and he informed me that no class auction law suit was filed, but that was the best way to get to CF. I'm down for a lawsuit.

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